Marvel Heroics: Fighting the inventory blues

Diablo-type games balance on a see-saw of distribution and acquisition; the games explode with loot while giving you limited space to store all of your treasures. The agonizing decision of what to keep in your precious inventory space is a minigame unto itself (and probably helps us from becoming digital hoarders).

Everyone I’ve met in Marvel Heroes has, at one time, struggled with how to handle the game’s inventory space. When starting out a new account, you’ll be given a 60-slot character inventory (shared between all characters) and a single 48-slot S.T.A.S.H. (bank) tab. Now, 108 slots might sound like a lot, but that’s only before you see how much stuff you’ll end up picking up in Marvel Heroes and how many types of goodies there are.

To make matters worse for space-limited players, right now there’s no way to earn more S.T.A.S.H. tabs without forking over cash. So how do you get a handle on your inventory before it buries you? I’ve formulated a few strategies over the past year that have served me well.

Team-up, pack mule. Same difference.

The first thing I recommend to anyone looking for more inventory space is to get ahold of a team-up companion as soon as possible. Not only are team-ups great, but they come with a 30-slot inventory (which is shared between all team-up characters). It’s certainly a nice perk.

I use my team-up inventory to hold three types of loot: pets (which I have on hand to swap out for specific bonuses), potions, and relics. Relics are somewhat hard to come by in great numbers, so you don’t want to be throwing any of those out, even though there are about 14 different types of them.

Cash for S.T.A.S.H.

This is my opinion, but unless you’re a masochist or are limiting yourself to only one or two characters, you’re really, really going to want to spend some cash for more S.T.A.S.H. tabs. No, I’m not trying to make Gazillion’s sale for it, but Marvel Heroes is really the type of game where you could pick up something one day and not realize that it’s incredibly rare and useful. To a limited extent, you’re going to want to save a lot of stuff up for future possibilities, and that’s going to require space.

A regular S.T.A.S.H. tab is 500Gs. There are cheaper tabs dedicated to specific characters and crafting mats, both of which have their uses. If you were a new player and were asking for my advice, I’d say to buy at least two more regular tabs and one crafting tab. That would give you enough breathing room for a while, at least.

Now, there is the rumor-slash-somewhat-confirmed-statement that some day in the future, S.T.A.S.H. tabs will be sold for eternity splinters. If and when that happens, there will be much rejoicing because tabs remain one of the few things you can’t earn in-game. It might be worth saving up some splinters on the side! Gazillion also gave out a free tab for the game’s one-year anniversary, although this action was not repeated this past June.

So what do I keep?

Figuring out what’s worth hanging on to and what should be either vendored or fed to the enchanter and crafter to level them up is really the key to keeping an inventory under control. Not every artifact or unique is useful, which is why you’ll often see a player on social asking the community if an item he or she found has worth. This and this site should be bookmarked for such evaluations.

Here’s a list of what I recommend:

  • I like to keep my character inventory as free as possible, especially during events in which I’m collecting a lot of loot boxes (Midtown Monday, ICP, Odin’s Bounty). All I hang on to there are a couple of stacks of med kits and a couple of odds and ends (such as sentinel torsos and pots overflowing from my team-up inventory).
  • As I said earlier, keep all relics. In fact, when you get four duplicates of a hero’s unique, turn them in to the crafter to get a stack of relics to add to the pile.
  • Some space should be allotted to costumes and ultimate upgrade tokens, especially if you haven’t acquired those characters yet.
  • Keep several stacks of each type of tier-6 crafting mat along with matrices and unstable molecules. Mats can be broken down into lower tiers, so you really only need tier-6s in storage. This is why I like having a crafting tab, but it’s your call.
  • I have one tab for uniques and one for artifacts. I generally only keep one of each type — and only level 60s at that. It’s easy to tell which ones are total junk, but if you have a doubt or it looks as if it might have a purpose in a specific build, check it out and hang on to it.
  • If you have plans to acquire more than one team-up, keep any cosmic (yellow) team-up items! These are fairly rare and really helpful to kitting out your companion.
  • Cosmic rings are sometimes worth keeping, especially if in the upper 50s or level 60. I also hang on to any cosmic medallions, since those give out a valuable +2 to all ranks buff.
  • It’s easy to get overwhelmed by insignias, uru-forged items, and costume cores. I have a small number of each of these, but they’re easier to acquire and thus not as important to keep in great quantities.
  • If you do have character tabs, use those if at all possible! Character tabs not only hold that hero’s gear, but costumes, upgrade tokens, rings, costume cores, and insignias.

One last tip: Vaporize!

It’s a beginner’s mistake to assume that all loot that explodes out of enemies and chests is worth keeping. In fact, much of it is pure trash, there to pad the lootsplosion experience. If you’ve done the smart thing and leveled up your crafter and enchanter to level 20, then what you’ll want to do is go to your gameplay options and scroll down to where it says “vaporize slot gear by rarity.”

Basically what this does is allow you to tell the game what quality loot should be instantly disposed of when it comes out into the field. I’ll fiddle with this depending on what character I’m playing, but generally a lower-level character will have all loot less than purple vaporized, a mid-level character will have all loot less than cosmic vaporized, and a high-level character will have everything less than uniques trashed.

If you have a pet (slotted, it doesn’t matter if you have it following you or not), then vaporized gear will go to leveling up its bonus bars. You will have to hand-feed it its eight uniques, however. If you don’t have a pet, then you get a miniscule amount of credits back for each vaporized piece, but generally it’s not worth the space and time to pick up and sell them anyway. You’ll still be getting a lot of other types of loot, so don’t freak out that you’re missing out on the fun.

Good luck with keeping that inventory trim and organized!

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Waste team-up space on pets? No way: your alts are perfect pet mules. If you really want to change pets (which you might while raising them through donations – the yellow abilities take forever), you can do so anywhere by calling up the roster, and so as long as you have more heroes than pets, store the pets on your alts.. 

Relics similarly should be assigned to heroes. It’s a bit more permanent decision, and so you should give the assignment a bit more thought. You can reassign a stack of relics, but unbinding relics is fairly expensive. Now when, for instance, an Asgard relics drops, I think, oh, that goes on Ms. Marvel, etc and pop them on the appropriate heroes when I have moment, again, through the roster interface accessible everywhere.

I keep one tab just for misc. uniques for transforming. I prioritize pairs, and when the tab fills up I use eight of the singletons to re-roll a pet unique ability shooting for +3’s or, ideally, +1 to all attributes.

A single crafting mat tab is definitely worth the price. I keep ten of each tier plus, I think, 5 sets of the tier 6s. Doing so is slightly cheaper and still allows two stacks of Matrix of Unbindings (I think I’ve used one ever) and two stacks of whatever the mat needed for raising uniques to 60 (which seems to be awarded at about the rate I use them).


My advice, just buy the STASH tabs. It’s the only thing the will cost you money (and is not cosmetic) and you might as well support the company. It’s dirt cheap too. I’m currently playing 1 hero (but have maxed about 6-7) and with 6 tabs I’ve ran out of space. Essentially here are the tabs you’ll need in the long term:

1. Crafting mats
2. Runes
3. Costume Cores
4. Insignias
5. Medallions
6. Artifacts
7. Uniques
8. Extra tab for random crap and/or Team-up gear

You can definitely make due with 5-6, but you’ll have to play inventory tetris every so often to shuffle things around.


Bionicall Still works.  Don’t need to actually have a team-up in order to use that inventory space.


Unless it has changed recently, you don’t actually need to have a team-up to use the team-up inventory. I can’t comment on it at present because with the recent gift(Iron man team-up), the pirate deadpool achievement and Agent Coulson, I have multiple to choose from.


BalsBigBrother Buying tabs is something I’ve never had an issue with. It’s just the cost of playing the game the way I want to. I just can’t get behind games should be 100% free no matter what. It’s cheap no matter how you look at it.


Thank you for the tips and links.  When leveling I tend to want to keep everything.  Being new at the game it does get confusing with everything that’s thrown at me.


Some good ideas but honestly I have got to the point that I just can not be bothered with inventory management any more.
So whenever I get a new hero, which these days is usually via splinters, I will just stump up the bit of money for the hero specific inventory to go with it which solves 90% of my inventory issues.  Its a few pounds and I will get a lot of entertainment so throwing some money back at them isn’t so bad as far as I am concerned.
Yes I am totally hooked and a lost cause but I am comfortable with that so phooey to youey :p


Good article, good tips.
Something worth remembering is that you shouldn’t demonize the idea of “dammit I don’t have one of those any more, I’ll have to farm for one,” because that’s eventually the core of the game. It’s important to acknowledge what you can go get more of with time and effort, and what you should cling to.
Once you have at least one character that can solo cosmic terminals, or better yet, a few that you can cycle through their ultimate powers to make the boss fights shorter (ultimate power timers are tracked separately per character), you can generally “go out and get” at least a placeholder set of artifacts to hold you over until more ideal ones drop. It’s also important to note that character-specific uniques (some of the best gear in the game) can be held on to, if you find one at lower level, to then eventually be leveled to 60 at the crafter for coins and unstable molecules.
If you have multiple characters, it’s relatively cheap to unbind a stack of relics, so maintaining different relics on different characters is also a good placebo storage solution.