Skyforge producer’s letter shines a light on communication

Sometimes, it’s really hard to know if the developers are listening to the players. Sure, you can tell players that the development team is listening, but if nothing players say ever results in any sort of change, it doesn’t make much difference. The latest Skyforge producer’s letter is addressing exactly that, noting that there’s only so much communication that can be done as the North American client rushes to catch up to the game’s Russian client. All the same, the letter also answers several persistent player questions to make it clear that the issues aren’t just being ignored.

Pantheon Wars have taken a back set for a bit due to an aggressive development schedule; while the first edition of Pantheon Wars was always meant as a proof of concept, there just has not been time to address balance issues and launch the second season in the summer. PvP fans can look forward to balanced 3v3 fights for the summer instead. There are also plans for more extraplanetary travel and further balance adjustments as the game moves forward; check out the full rundown in the producer’s letter. You can also check out the patch notes for tomorrow’s update.

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