Black Desert’s Siege Warfare patch has been delayed again

Hope you weren’t planning on Black Desert’s Siege Warfare content update launching as planned: Daum has delayed it once again, this time to Friday, June 17th.

“While preparing the siege war update, planned for June 15th, we ran into some last minute obstacles which brought us to a drastic decision,” wrote Daum community rep Belsazar.

“While adapting the new Season 4 Siege feature from the original Korean build, which was added in the original built long time after the Valencia and after Season 1,2 and 3, we also had to adapt some features from the Korean build that are not yet supposed to be in our version of the game. Some of those details can, but others can’t be avoided. As you will see below, the patch notes are very massive this time, because we initially planned some of the content to be released with the Valencia update, but had to be shifted to this update for technical reasons. During our QA process (Quality Assurance), which lasted longer than expected due to the amount of details, we ran out of time to secure a stable launch of the siege content, so we had to make a hard call at the very last minute.”

The schedule has been bumped off; the first nodewar will now begin on Sunday.

The patch notes for the whole update are available in the meantime.

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