EVE Valkyrie unleashes Carrier Assault update, new map, and new singleplayer missions

CCP has pushed out EVE Valkyrie’s very first big content patch today. Called Carrier Assault, the update introduces a new game mode by the same name that essentially allows players to undertake a Death Star trench run into the heart of massive-scale enemy carrier ships.

Among the other additions introduced by the patch are a new multiplayer map, new singleplayer missions, improved strategy mechanics in multiplayer maps, a ship and AI balance pass, and new ways to get experience even in losing matches.

“The Carrier Assault update is available now for all owners of EVE: Valkyrie on Oculus Rift via a mandatory update on Oculus Home,” CCP reminds players confused about the game’s platform availability. “It will be included in the game at launch for PlayStation VR this October, and for HTC Vive in 2016.”

Source: Official site, press release
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