In Revelation Online, players level when they choose to

Can a character be defined by more than just its level and gear? Revelation Online plans for exactly that, and wants to give the player power over character development. The latest dev blog delves into this system, which is composed of various facets of personalizing and optimizing your character. And one particular aspect may catch players off-guard.

While creating and saving different builds for different situations, skill trees, special skills, socketing (the soul grind) and guild bonuses may not be unheard of, the fact that players over level 40 will get to personally decide when they have enough “experience” to move to the next level is. When you feel your equipment and skills are up to the challenge of the next level, you can move up instead of waiting to automatically advance when you hit an arbitrary XP value. For more details on the character development system, check out the official site.

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