Revelation Online expounds on PvE story, quests, and factions

As closed beta continues to roll along, Revelation Online rolls out more information on what players can expect to find. The latest dev blog focuses on PvE — specifically the aspects of story, questing, and in-game factions.

The story itself was written by a popular Chinese writer and will wind players throughout the mainland on a series of quest chains. Those who prefer story over grind will likely appreciate the “opportunities for developing their characters by completing a chain of quests, without having to monotonously destroy hundreds of monsters.” Aside from story quests, there will be plenty of other quests to partake of, following a color-coded system so you know what you are getting into. Taste the quest rainbow: red for non-story extra quests, yellow for story, green for daily and weekly repeatables, blue for faction orders, and violet for training quests to learn the ropes.

As for factions, the game currently has 20, each with six levels of favor to earn. Increasing favor unlock opportunities, gifts, and faction items like outfits and accessories. At level 30, players can also join the Demonslayer Society and earn even more rewards for cleansing the land of all the monsters.

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