ArcheAge accidentally implies that it’s a pay-to-win game

“Pay-to-win” is a really tricky term to nail down; everyone has different definitions of winning, and while the broad strokes of the concept are fairly straightforward (paying money for a notable advantage) players have a had time agreeing on what actually qualifies. There are people who will call any cash shop items pay-to-win, and there are people who will justify pretty much anything. And then, every so often, you’ll have ArcheAge accidentally imply that its newest item pack is itself a pay-to-win deal. That’s… less difficult to nail down.

When asked whether or not players would be able to purchase the game’s upcoming Revelation Pack on Fresh Start servers, the official account responsed that Fresh Start servers would have a different pack focused on cosmetics rather than power or pay-to-win. The intent, it seems, was to simply reassure players that the Fresh Start servers would not be able to purchase any power boosts… but the result was a pretty strong implication that the Revelation Pack itself is pay-to-win. This was, perhaps, not the reassurance that players were really looking for.

Source: Facebook via Reddit
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