Star Citizen is reportedly unaffected by the Crytek shutdowns

Here’s the bad news: Crytek, the company behind the CryEngine, has been forced to shutter five separate studios as part of a major restructuring. Here’s the good news: Star Citizen, which runs on a heavily modified version of the aforementioned CryEngine, should be unaffected by the state of Crytek. According to Chris Roberts, the game isn’t reliant upon anything from Crytek, so their change in status shouldn’t have any impact upon the game’s further development.

Here’s the even better news: Star Citizen’s Star Marine is still just around the corner, if you missed it yesterday. So it’s especially good to know that Crytek’s struggles won’t lead to any delays with that particular release. Not that any of that helps the people affected by Crytek’s sell-off and downsizing, of course.

Source: Polygon
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