Valiance Online clarifies alpha and Steam launch plans

Back in October, Valiance Online announced that it was superjumping onward from pre-alpha to alpha and revealed that it'll use a free-to-play model, or rather, continue its free-to-play model into the live game, as it's free-to-test right now. This week, it clarified some of those plans.

"SilverHelm Studios has announced the impending launch of the public Alpha test of Valiance Online," declares the press release -- we'll imagine it's in a booming comicbook voice. "Prior to the actual launch of the Alpha on Steam, a private test will be run for people who have invested in the game as well as random participants chosen from registered users on the website and forums. The game will also be available to download on the website for non-Steam players. Windows, Mac and Linux will all be supported in the Alpha test."

Silverhelm is also touting its recent improvements and plans for the game, including the combat upgrade, third version of the character generator, UI buffs, and in-dev pet classes.

MMORPG gamers will recall that Valiance is one of several superhero-themed MMORPGs founded in the wake of the closure of fan-favorite City of Heroes. Most recently, we've covered some of the new heroes and villains the devs have posted to social media.

Source: Press release, official site

I really hope there is a great improvement over the last videos I watched. Not many sounds effects and they sounded more like placeholders, particle effects on powers don't look anywhere near polished enough even for an Alpha, the buildings and streets look great but the cities are sparse and lifeless and most of all combat did not look like it was working correctly because animations and reactions were all off giving no sense of a real fight. What does this add up to? Too much stuff the lack enough polish to present a coherent design at this time.

I realize those were pre-alpha videos and we are moving into alpha so things aren't polished but that is not what I saw. The game was basically unplayable to the point it would leave a bad first impression to any new player that is not familiar with CoH or the design stages of a crowd-funded game. In other words, I think they have too far to leap to make a proper impression on Steam. I hope the private beta prior to a Steam release can either show I'm wrong or alert the devs they need to take time to get more things working because you only get the one chance to make a first impression. I'm a backer and want them to succeed so am not writing this because I want them to fail. Quite the opposite.

Show the fruits of Ron Friedman consulting in those animations, something we have not seen yet but has been mentioned in their forums.


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