Camelot Unchained recaps ‘roller-coaster’ 2016 with new pics

Camelot Unchained is wrapping up its development for the year with a recap of the team’s current efforts and a top 10 list describing “the roller-coaster” of 2016.

CSE boss Mark Jacobs says that over the past two weeks, the studio has continued its focus on network stability, particle performance, the ability system, and the physics server. “At 1800 bots, we’re seeing some great performance!” he writes.

Highlights from the year include the new Seattle branch, expansion of the team, the upgraded engine, reabilitation — a word we added to our dictionaries this year thanks to Camelot — big bots, and the Discord deal. Jacobs signs off with characteristic moxie:

“As always, and forever, I want to thank our Backers for their patience and support. I know that it has been pretty frustrating in a lot of ways, but here’s a screenshot [it’s the first big bots one below] that should strike fear in the heart of people who ‘just want to be alone,’ as well as those who might doubt that this little team in Virginia and Seattle can deliver on this game.”

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