EverFeud is being ‘built by PvPers for PvPers’

Would you like some PvP in your PvP? Then you should keep tabs on EverFeud, an in-development title that’s creating a highly competitive environment in a fantasy world. Arenas and battlegrounds are the main focus of the game, although the devs said that they might be opening up the world to become more of an MMO down the road.

According to the Steam Greenlight description, EverFeud is “an arena and battleground-styled multiplayer PVP game set in a fantasy world where might and magic hold sway. Each player is able to formulate their own strategy and customize their player to their play style in order to ensure victory over the competition. This game is highly competitive and will be sure to always bring a challenge, even for the most die-hard PVP player. Built by PVPers for PVPers.”

You can check out one of the game’s arena courtyards after the jump.

Source: Steam
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