Little War Online is an adorable cross-platform MMO

Looking for a simple and streamlined MMO that you can play on… well, pretty much anything? Here’s a tip: Little War Online. The game is a cross-platform MMO that puts players in the role of a blob with one eye, a weapon, and an experience bar.

Little War Online is built atop the bare bones of the Dikumud format, including combat, PvP, looting, and leveling up. The combat leans more on the action side, requiring you to face targets and aim if you’re going to hit anything. There are six classes, and for some reason, the game uses the Diablo Exocet font in a most distracting way.

Players can check out the early access in the browser version right now, but there are plans to bring Little War Online to Android, iOS, OSX, and Linux as well. The team recently suffered a setback, as the game’s database was hacked on January 4th, requiring a complete wipe and restart. You can check out the gameplay trailer below.

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