How Revelation Online will deliver PvP on a larger scale

Just because you’re into PvP in MMOs doesn’t mean that you want the same experience as all of the other PvPers. Revelation Online knows this, which is why it’s providing both small-scale (battlegrounds, arenas), open-world, and large-scale (guild wars, castle sieges) PvP options.

Today the devs opened up about how large-scale conflicts will work in the game. Guild wars (no relation) allow groups to challenge each other to battles across the game world. When this mode is active, guards won’t attack guilds that are fighting each other in towns.

For more defensive action, there is always castle sieges. Guilds can control one of 12 locations across the map and attempt to keep hold of their claim while others seek to wrest it from their control. The team said that potential battles may include up to “several thousand players” and will pay out with special rewards for those who emerge victorious.

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