Revelation Online introduces new gear for CBT3

Do you pride yourself on not needing any stinking badges? Turns out you’re wrong; the actual line is that you don’t have to show someone any stinking badges. And when it comes to Revelation Online, you most definitely need some badges, as that’s one of the new types of gear being introduced in the game’s third closed beta test. Badges increase primary stats and can be upgraded by combining lower-leveled badges into higher ones. There’s no word on their aromatic component, but since you get them from both PvP and PvE dungeons, it can be assumed that they may be a bit stinky.

The third closed beta also introduces Talismans, unlocked by completing the hard mode for Tower of Pain. Players will have a dedicated equipment slot for Talismans, which can be shaped, augmented, improved, and transmuted into new forms. It will require higher-level play, but it will also mean a reasonable power boost, so it should be well worth the effort in the long run. Both of these new gear types will be added into the third closed beta when it starts up on January 19th.

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