Revelation Online details the many ways to travel the world

There’s a bit of a problem with Revelation Online when it comes to transportation. You get wings, you see, and that begs the question of why you would ever use another mode of movement to get anywhere if you can fly. Fortunately, it’s a question that is also answered right away, as detailed in the most recent entry on the official site. You gain access to your wings at level 29 and slowly gain access to aerial combat skills and upgrades after that, but that’s a lengthy process.

Your first ground mount, however, is available fairly early on and will allow you to get from place to place far more efficiently. You also have access to class-specific mounts at level 69 (nice) that can both walk and fly, and there are mounts that carry passengers such as the mount included in the Founder’s Pack. So there are some situations where you actually will not want to be flying. It might seem strange, but occasionally being on the ground is a good thing.

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