LOTRO saddles a free horse for VIP members

To both reward current subscribers and encourage new ones to hop on board, Lord of the Rings Online is gifting VIP accounts with a free horse starting next month.

Standing Stone announced that it is giving out account-wide Steeds of the Eldar to any accounts that are flagged as VIP and that log in between February 6th and March 13th. The horse has top stats for a traditional mount, boasting a +68% mount speed and 250 morale. As a bonus, the gift also comes with warsteed cosmetics to dress up that horse with the same look.

This promotion works for current subscribers, lifetime subscribers, and anyone who subs during that window. Some players noted that the email that Standing Stone sent about the promotion also include a line stating that accounts currently subscribed will be unsubscribed if they do not log in between February 6th and March 13th.

Cordovan has clarified that players will not be unsubbed. “Just to clarify the last statement in the article: We will not be unsubscribing anyone who does not log in. However, we are not able to continue recurring payments without their approval, which is done when they log in. So, everyone’s existing subscriptions will remain intact and unchanged, but they do need to log in to permit us to continue with recurring billing for their VIP subscription. […] For example, let’s say someone signed up (and paid for) a year of VIP last November. Their current subscription will run through the year until their year is up. At that point, their subscription will need to be renewed, either through recurring billing or by them manually purchasing another period of VIP. No one will have their current, active VIP subscriptions cancelled for failing to log in. However, once their current subscription expires, we are not able to bill them through previous recurring billing unless they agree to it. That agreement is done with a pop-up they see when they log into the game. So, we will continue to honor their existing VIP subscriptions, but are not able to automatically renew their subscriptions unless they agree to it.
Source: LOTRO. Thanks Balsbigbrother!
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Huh. Lifetime sub here and logged in just now – no free gift. Logged out, logged back in (as suggested by the FAQ), logged into numerous alts – still nothing. No mount, no notification, no war-steed cosmetics. Ticket raised; we shall see.