Here’s how guilds will battle for territory in Revelation Online

If the point of MMORPGs for you is to fight large-scale battles and actually claim your enemy’s territory for your own, then today’s Revelation Online preview blog is for you.

“As the Imperial City was being created, the developers took the Imperial City and divided it into two battlegrounds, east and west,” explains. “You can select battlefields from the complete map of the Nuanor and their fronts would span the entire known territory Eastbreden, Midbreden and Westland – These were separated into region and each region holds 3 territories. The guilds surrounding these 3 regions and 9 territories are engaged in contentious battle.”

Different strongholds spread across the map will require different strategies to take and hold them. Worried about the big zerg guilds? Revelation will offer alliances to let the little groups band together to fight the big ones, so we’ll be seeing how that plays out in practice. Check out the whole blog on the official site.

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