Enter to win a Star Trek Online Tier 6 Elachi Ornash Battlecruiser from PWE and MOP

In honor of the launch of Star Trek Online‘s season 12 Reckoning, PWE has granted Massively OP five Tier 6 Elachi Ornash Battlecruisers to raffle to our readers!

A tough and versatile design, the Tier 6 Ornash-class battlecruiser is a capable and deadly opponent – alone or as part of a unified force. It can swiftly deploy an array of support craft through the use of an Enhanced Elachi Subspace Transceiver, adding instant backup to the battle. This starship features a Lieutenant Command Tactical/Command Bridge Officer Station and a Lieutenant Universal/Command Bridge Officer Station.

Read on to enter to win!

For this giveaway, we’ll be using Rafflecopter to count the entries for us. You can earn entries in the giveaway by completing different steps in Rafflecopter; the question field is mandatory, but following us on Twitter and tweeting about this giveaway are optional and result in more entries. Rafflecopter uses javascript, so you’ll need to enable it to see the entry widget below:

Five winners selected at random from the total of entries submitted to Rafflecopter will be contacted via email by Massively Overpowered to receive three Star Trek Online Elachi Ornash Battlecruiser. Entrants are subject to our official contest and giveaway rules. Entries will be accepted until the giveaway’s end on Sunday, February 5th, at 12:00 a.m. EST (midnight Saturday night). We’ll draw the winners and send out keys and redemption instructions by the following Monday evening (EDT), so make sure you’ve submitted a working email address in Rafflecopter.

Ship specs:

• Faction: All
• Tier: 6
• Required Rank: Rear Admiral, Sub Admiral I or Brigadier General (Level 40)
• Hull Strength: 42,000 at level 40, 48,300 at level 50 and 56,000 at level 60
• Shield Modifier: 1.2
• Fore Weapons: 4
• Aft Weapons: 4
• Device Slots: 4
• Bridge Officer Stations: 1 Lieutenant Commander Tactical/Command, 1 Commander Engineering, 1 Ensign Science, 1 Lieutenant Universal/Command, 1 Lieutenant Commander Universal
• Console Modifications: 3 Tactical, 4 Engineering, 4 Science
• Base Turn Rate: 10 degrees per second
• Impulse Modifier: 0.15
• Inertia: 30
• +10 to Weapon Power and +10 to Engine Power
• Console – Universal – Enhanced Elachi Subspace Transceiver
• Can Load Dual Cannons
• Starship Mastery Package (Battlecruiser)
o Absorptive Plating (+Physical and Kinetic Damage Resistance)
o Enhanced Weapon Banks (+Critical Severity)
o Enhanced Plating (+Energy Damage Resistance)
o Armored Hull (+Maximum HP)
o Subspace Reinforcements (Starship Trait)
• Cruiser Command Array
o Command – Strategic Maneuvering
o Command – Shield Frequency Modulation
o Command – Weapon System Efficiency

Good luck everyone!

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Interesting. Why not, having more T6’s is always good.

Loyal Patron
Kickstarter Donor

Oh my, this is really cool! Fingers crossed!

PS give me back my badges :)

Arty 2 Game

The question was Kirk or Picard, but where’s the Captain Archer, Sisko or what I wanted to respond Janeway? : D


Good Luck everyone!


Not a huge fan of the ship design myself, but I’ll enter the giveaway. I love the classic NC-1701 look or the NX-01. The shows was only okay but that ship design for the NX-01 was really cool imo.

Kickstarter Donor
Leon Andrews

Good Luck


Good luck everyone

Jung Sang

hey kofte the game gives t6 ships every 4 month for free. how did you miss it ;)


I usually play every game I play for a week or two then don’t play it for 6 months. I’m working on the t6 science vessel for they’re giving out for the anniversary right now.


Reminds me of Galaga.