Crowfall gives the old Knight archetype some new love

It must be hard to be the first class put out for an MMO. You end up getting shoved into the shadows while the newer and shinier professions come along. For one eldest child, there’s hope this week: Crowfall is turning its attention back to the Knight and giving it some serious love.

ArtCraft said that the advances with other archetypes has allowed it to realize the original vision for the Knight, which is to make it dependent on stamina for a resource. “Now, the players will be able to test our newest experiment: a single resource pool for an archetype,” the studio said. “All the Knight’s powers and skills have been updated to consume and generate stamina. We even added some new skills to reduce the amount of food it needs to consume due to its extreme use of stamina.”

The Knight will now enjoy a 10% damage boost, more nuanced blocking, and a few other “toys.” The team is anxious to get the new and improved Knight into players’ hands to see how this revamped archetype fares and what other changes need to be done.

Source: Crowfall
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I can’t wait to test is out during the next session!