Marvel Heroes gets wild with Beast and Jubilee

Two of X-Men’s finest have joined the crew over at Marvel Heroes. This week, Gazillion added Beast as the game’s 60th playable hero and Jubilee as the newest team-up character. The patch also came with the addition of cosmic artifacts to the game and the return of terminal bounty missions.

In other Marvel Heroes news, the studio clarified a change that was slipped into the 2.0 update. Basically, when players are going through content on normal difficulty, there is now no chance of unique or cosmic gear to drop from mobs or bosses; players will need to increase the difficulty to epic or higher for better gear. The community was not pleased to discover this, saying that the studio failed on communicating the change and will adversely affect the progression and availability of gear for new players and alts.

Check out Beast and Jubilee doing their thing after the break!

Source: Patch notesOfficial forums #1, #2. Thanks Bryan!
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agemyth 😩

You don’t see a lot of characters’ faces while playing for this to matter, but Jubilee’s face has a real dead/expressionless look to it.

Kickstarter Donor

I would love to go jump into this and get my Beast on. Then I remember I still haven’t got round to sorting out the mess I was left with when “the biggest update ever” swept through the game and decide yeah maybe not so much. /sigh

Kickstarter Donor

I was feeling like you were, B3, until I went back and actually picked up the Beast character with some Eternity Splinters last night, and put him through the Prologue mission, and a bit of mission 1.

By playing him from “level zero” up — where one levels quickly — I started to see and to understand how the changes work now, where I was previously as overwhelmed as you were before.

I agree with others that Gazillion has done a … mediocre … job of communicating the changes. I didn’t know that one has to play above Normal difficulty in order to receive Elite and Cosmic gear drops, until I read it here, for example.

Honestly, I’m still not convinced they needed to change the game at all — as I’ve said before, I suspect they must be angling to launch the game on consoles, which someone decided required a “streamlining” of the mechanics.

Cheers, pal,


Why change the gear drops. Boo. Hiss.

Bryan H

My tinfoil hat theory: Slow the game down, with all the recent changes, to allow the devs more time to create content.

My realistic take: It’s hard to tell players, who are paying money for limited time buffs, to now slowdown their gameplay. Can players complete Heroic terminals with just epic gear? Sure, but it’ll take more time.


Jubilee is their best work yet. Hank’s voice work is superb. I have been having a blast with this despite how much I dislike the Infinity System compared with the old OMEGA System. They really did a fantastic job. Beast is a BLAST to play as.

Kickstarter Donor

I had no interest in playing this game as I’m not a big super hero fan. However the relationship between Gambit and Jubilee in the comics/cartoon in the early 90s has always stuck with me. I may have to actually boot this up now.

Kickstarter Donor

Gambit is one of the characters I like the most in game. Both fun to play and viable, and I like his banter.


*looks at Jubilee*

Oh yeah, City of Heroes’s chargen did have a randomizer.