SolForge gets a stay of execution thanks to Grinding Gear Games developers

It never gives any of us pleasure here at Massively OP to announce the closure of an online game because we know that it uproots a community from its home and removes an important part of some players' lives. So it makes us incredibly happy today to report that in one instance a planned shutdown never actually materialized.

Earlier in January, we reported that digital card game SolForge was going to shut down on the 31st due to too large of a scope and presumably financial reasons. However, the sunset didn't happen and the game might now survive, thanks to community support and some help from two devs from Path of Exile's Grinding Gear Games. The current plan is to move SolForge to a smaller server and make it more sustainable.

"Thanks to support from the community, along with technical support from executives at Grinding Gear Games, we may have a solution that could keep the current game running for the foreseeable future," the team said. "We are currently working on an attempt to migrate Solforge to a smaller server, allowing it to stay online and protect everyone’s current collections and ability to play."

GGG's Chris Wilson has clarified the studio's involvement: "GGG isn't really involved directly, just that Brian and I are personally helping with server costs."

So there you go -- good guys win for once.

Source: Solforge. Thanks Ness199X and verhaa!


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Hot damn, that's fantastic news. GGG have consistently impressed me with how awesome they are as developers and human beings. I need to get around to playing some more POE and throwing a bit more money their way, specifically because of awesome shit like this.

Hooray for some unexpected good news every once in a while!


Good work Chris Wilson and Brian Weissman with work like this it is easy to see why Grinding Gear Games is the way it is. If only more folks thought the same way as you all I think we would probably be in a better place all round.


Might be worth noting that it's not really GGG itself that is helping but just Chris Wilson and Brian Weissman using their personal money to help Solforge.

As per Chris reply in POE sub-reddit:

Bree Royce
Bree Royce

Thanks for the extra info! We've added that in with a hat tip to you.


have a friend that plays this game and helps test it. i'm sure he'll be pleased with this news.


GGG diversifying is a great idea. I'd like to see their work ethic and talent be brought to other games and other genres.