FIFA YouTubers plead guilty to charges under UK gambling act

Back in September, we reported on the UK's case against Craig "NepentheZ" Douglas and Dylan Rigby, the YouTubers charged under the Gambling Act with running an illegal gambling enterprise using FIFA's in-game currency. Douglas had been further charged with promoting gambling to minors. At the time, the duo had maintained innocent, but now, the BBC reports, both have entered pleas of guilty to their assortment of charges. Neither has been sentenced.

The BBC is calling it "the first time the UK's gambling commission has prosecuted people for running an unlicensed gambling website connected to a video game."

This is a separate case from the one launched in Texas last fall, under which the FBI alleged that a different group of miscreants had developed hacking tools to spoof FIFA matches and rope in millions of dollars in FIFA coins, which they dopily made no attempt to hide.

Gambling has been a hot topic for the MMO genre in particular over the last few months; check out MOP's Andrew Ross' take on the topic from a few weeks ago.

Source: BBC. Cheers, Gibbins!


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I thought those soccer players where wearing vault suits for a spit to stop playing so much fall out....

J. J. Sándor

You don't play too much Fallout. Their uniform designer does. Because those are totally vault suits.


If it was taxed and regulated, it wouldn't be an issue. Like gambling, alcohol, marijuana, tobacco ( insert control substance here ) if the government isn't getting a cut, it's not legal.

That doesnt excuse match fixing or targeting under age gamblers. Virtual commodities are becoming a real issue. Players often sell high value gaming accounts even though it's stated in the UELA they it's illegal. Hell, I sold a BIG piece of virtual real estate in Archeage for two copies of GTA5 just so the misses and I could get out with something to show.

I'm glad there is regulatory attempts to keep gambling under control but I honestly don't think the law steps in so little Johnny's piggy bank doesn't go empty because he didn't know better.

CloakingDonkey .

the illegality of account selling really depends on where you live and how you frame the sale. In various EU countries you are totally fine to sell the time you put into the account as a service. Still gotta scrub your character names from the pictures cause the company is also free to ban any account they like... :P


the duo had maintained innocent

Of course they did. :P Guess they thought it was all going to go away or that someone would believe them.

Jack Pipsam

It's entirely possible they legitimately thought they did nothing wrong.

I mean if you're some guy who just makes YouTube videos based on FIFA for years without issue, then suddenly you're dragged before a court accused of attempting to manipulate minors, it could be very understandable if they don't get why they're there.

CloakingDonkey .

maybe... but only if you leave out the middle step of them making a gambling website and promoting it on their channels. You know? Just like those CS:GO scumbags.

Of course all just a coincidence that it happened like 5 separate times in the span of a year ;)


it's because popular youtubers live in a make believe world where they have a gross misunderstanding of the law. look at #WTFU for example.


It is not only youtubers apparently *trumps*

oh excuse me I had beans for dinner /blush