PvP sandbox Albion Online is planning instanced PvE dungeons

If you’re wondering how ostensibly PvP MMOs are finding ways to implement PvE in 2017, look no further than Albion Online. Over the weekend, Sandbox Interactive put out a dev blog all about its expedition system, which is basically a dungeon finder by another name.

“Expeditions are instanced PvE missions which can be accessed through the Expedition Master NPC in cities. These expeditions are relatively short, with a successful run taking 20 to 30 minutes on average, and can also be considered fairly safe; if you die, you will be transferred to the start of the expedition without losing any gear, but it will lose durability.”

Expeditions can be played solo or in groups of five with multiple difficulties and rewards. Of course, you can’t let your guard down, as the missions are timed, and quitting early will set off a penalty timer.

“Expeditions are ideal content if you are not quite ready to venture into the open world or if you are simply lacking the time,” explains the team. Or, you know, if you don’t feel like being murdered by other players.

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9 Comments on "PvP sandbox Albion Online is planning instanced PvE dungeons"

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Voidness Lambda

Sad to see they add more PVE stuff content.
Yet there are already many ways to avoid PVP, it sounds like an issue to me, as it sounds as a feature to PVERS.

Kickstarter Donor

Interesting. It sounds like the inverse of the typical MMORPG, which defines itself by PvE, but adds in a side-aspect of PvP.

I was planning to take a look at Albion Online once it gets itself set for the final time, even though I’m not much for PvP. Some PvE stuff to play around with may actually make me stay awhile longer.

CloakingDonkey .

oh don’t worry. If you like crafting and housing type stuff as well as exploration and PvE, you can play this for dozens maybe 100s of hours, without setting foot into the PvP =)

Jeff Lewis

Is the game back up now or are they still revamping it? It’s been a long time since I hopped in.

CloakingDonkey .

the servers have been up for quite a while… it’s just still beta, so there will be another wipe before launch.


They didn’t have enough interest PVP wise and they had to do it..bet money.

Erithe Blightchaser

Well – it was a good… ok… it was something while it lasted but that’s the last of my interest in Albion gone


Yeah, this is really weird for an open world PvP game lol. That’s most of the appeal of the whole “open world pvp “thing i thought is that you could and would end up fighting people while doing PvE (if it’s necessary for the game, I guess) to contest spots or well, just because?

Jeremy Barnes

The game has always had “safe zones”. In the green zones around cities, your safe from PvP all together. The problem that Albion has…like most open world PvP…is that you have people who get a group together and don’t find other similar groups to go rampaging through, but run through the areas where people are soloing.

They added in a zone counters so you could see how many people are in the zone which meant when you saw 10 new people suddenly zone in, you could flee the zone.

These changes are in response to the people who can’t help themselves. It’s fun to be out gathering and run into somebody and have a fight, but 10 people rampaging through a zone killing soloers tends to make people less interested in playing if they don’t have other options.