SWTOR’s Tait Watson departs BioWare, trades Austin for SoCal

Star Wars: The Old Republic Producer Tait Watson is leaving the company, according to his farewell post to forumgoers this morning.

“I haven’t been fired, and I haven’t been laid off,” he says. “I am leaving BioWare to move to California.” Specifically? San Diego.

“[E]ven though there have been rough times, I have never once dreaded coming into work. Not one time in the time I’ve worked here, and a huge part of that is all of you. Yes, you. If you have somehow come across these words on the internet, I am talking to you. You are the beating heart that keeps this vibrant and unabashedly passionate community going, and for that you don’t get enough credit. But I assure you, every single day people come into work and strive to show you just how important you are to us.”

The greater San Diego area is home to many game studios, including MMORPG studios, Blizzard and Daybreak among them; his resume shows a former stint at Blizzard already, but he’s thus far not talking about where he’s headed.

Source: SWTOR forums via Dulfy
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I haven’t been fired, and I haven’t been laid off

In case you don’t work in a structured environment or corporate pod, this is code for “we wan’t you out but we don’t want drama”.
It sucks because they come at you with “your position has been eliminated” and then — “but we don’t have an open position for you anywhere else. You are free to apply for one of the other open positions”.
So, good luck man.


I thought he was one of the community bods?


Now that’s a pair of good choices!




So after a bit of googlefu “Socal” is shorthand for Southern California apparently. Well you learn something new every day I guess.

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Hehe, yep. Local lingo can be a pain. Personally I’d not want to live in SD (San Diego), too damn costly anymore. Actually most of the coastal area of Southern to Central California is just outrageously costly anymore.

Grew up there, moved away thirty five or so years ago. I miss it at times but every time I go back and visit family and friends it’s always the same thing. Crowded and expensive.


Well that area isn’t a topic of conversations that comes up too often in my neck of the woods, um lets see Soyo* to Americanise it I guess, so I didn’t know it off hand. Yeah I can imagine it would be a pricy areas and I am not a fan of crowds so I probably wouldn’t do well there :-)

*South Yorkshire, eee by gum :p