The Stream Team: Conan Exiles’ killer crocs and ferocious fowl

Considering anything in Conan Exiles to be harmless can be a fatal mistake, as Massively OP’s MJ recently learned. What she thought was a pretty bird turned out to be the instrument of her very ugly death. At least she’s never mistaken a one of the crocs as a cuddly pet. With that experience under her belt, MJ will be exploring, hunting, and gathering a bit more cautiously. Tune in live at 7:00 p.m. as she faces more ferocious beasts while trying to survive in…

What: Conan Exiles
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 7:00 p.m. EST on Friday, February 10th, 2017

Enjoy the show!

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5 Comments on "The Stream Team: Conan Exiles’ killer crocs and ferocious fowl"

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Dagget Burmese

Bows are a bit lame atm, have to aim far over a mobs head due to arrow droopy ballistics at present, and damage is poor. They are ok for distant mobs, though, as once you get the range, they will stupidly stand there and die if you are out of their detection range.

Dagget Burmese

Also, if sticking to bows, start worshipping Set. At lvl 2 with that Deity you will be able to use sticks for arrows, no more crafting them. The arrows turn into snakes when you shoot them and hit with the same dmg as iron arrows.


Having played an archer I can confirm bows are indeed very disappointing. I had held out some hope that the bow upgrade, the hyrkanian bow, would offer less of a arrow drop, but its the same.

The game really needs a archery pass at some point, and better UI or diegetic feedback on if you are hitting an enemy, at long ranges it can be difficult to tell.

I decided to stick with archery for some reason, even though frankly even with 30 points in accuracy compared to 5 in strength, melee is far more effective for me.

Steely Bob
Steely Bob

i’m at 20 str and around 10 accuracy (20 agi makes me very hard to kill) but i find the bow very useful. While it is wonky, it’s very consistent, I shoot high and to the right and get mostly headshots within a certain range. reminds me a lot of the old AK47 in counter strike, using single shots – that fist shot always lands very precisely based on where you aim.

any slow moving creatures (see crocs) go down within 10 or so shots but it also works well for pulling and getting a few blows in before swapping to a melee, which if is a pike or something will be a very fast kill.

Loyal Patron

Bows are pretty weak. I’m level 23ish I think and have about 15 points in STR. I can kill just about any of the reg mobs in a few swings of my iron broadsword.
One thing you can do if you’re quick, equip the bow and get a shot or two in from range then swap to a melee weapon as they run to you.