Revelation Online explains the leveling and advancement of Special Skills

Your normal skills in Revelation Online are what you use for 90% of the game, obviously. That’s why they’re normal skills, after all. You rely upon them and they serve as stalwart workhorses. But then there are the Special Skills, detailed in the most recent post on the official site. You can earn a few of them almost automatically through tutorial quests and consecutive logins, but most of the others must be earned through raising reputation.

The skills themselves have large effects that can turn the tide of a battle in your favor, so it only makes sense that they’d also have entirely independent advancement options for players. You can level up several aspects of your special skills including cooldowns, duration, damage, and cost; higher-ranked skills will obviously take more time to improve than lower-ranked skills. The Special Skills are your big guns that allow you to do things your class otherwise would be unable to do, so it’s worth understanding just how big the guns can be. You can try them out yourself when the game hits open beta on March 6th.

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Was already fooled with Archeage and Black Desert and wont fall for it a 3rd time.

Returned to Elder Scrolls Online and having a major blast playing it again.


Graphically reminds me of GW2. Combat mechanics appear fluid and the realm has lots to offer. Chinese developer and Russian publisher? Won’t announce their business model for the game this close to release? Sounds like an Archeage/Black Desert Online RNG stats based system to me.. I’d love to get into it bit I don’t want to be disappointed three months after launch. I’m looking forward to the feedback from players on this title.

Denice J. Cook

I’m forgoing the right to reserve a “good” name in favor of waiting for open beta for much the same reasons, Zander. :)

Once open beta hits, hopefully I’ll see you there, though.