WildStar buffs its subscription rewards program

Carbine Studios reeeeaaaally wants to make it worth your while to subscribe to WildStar. It already has a “signature rewards” program for subbers that showers players in goodies for subbing, but the game’s upcoming primal matrix system (horizontal advancement, basically) will offer even more.

“With the upcoming Primal Matrix system we’re adding even more value to Signature by increasing member Essence drops by 50%! That means with every 2 Essence a non-Signature member would receive, you’ll get 3! Gain Essence faster to progress through your Primal Matrix unlocks faster, and get to those sweet, sweet bonuses.”

If you’ve been a subber for three months (not necessarily in a row) in the period between January and the start of June, you’ll also be picking up some firework mount flair (shown above).

Earlier this month, NCsoft’s latest financial report dropped WildStar’s revenues as a separate performance meter; it’s now lumped in with “other” games, prompting a fresh round of worry and speculation for the game.

Stay tuned for our Choose My Adventure column later today; we’re kicking off a month of play in the game to chronicle there.

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12 Comments on "WildStar buffs its subscription rewards program"

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Wild Star once billed me a subscription fee after I had cancelled said subscription. When I contacted them about it, they said if I made them give the money back, they’d lock my acct permanently. I got my money back, they locked my acct permanently & I decided then and there that no matter what this turd of a company offered I’d never support them again.
I stand by this, They can take their buffed subscription and shove it!

Kickstarter Donor

Unfortunately cancelled subscriptions not truly being cancelled seems to happen with more and more online services these days. Locking your account if you take action against the charges is usually a standard procedure. While the intention may be to protect the company from consumers contesting the charges, it puts you between a rock and a hard place when it’s your $15/mo. I tend to think I’d do the same as you, though.


Im sure you cancelled it on time. They 110% wronged you. Im absolutely sure of it.


Forget to cancel sub. Try to call in and strong arm company into refunding. They refuse. You throw tantrum. Sounds a lot more accurate to me.

Dug From The Earth

I dont see why carbine cant take a clue from games ESO. Its subscription plan has value. Wildstars is more of a “Subscribe so the game is less of a pain to play”


I don’t know what you’re talking about since I’m basically only subbed to ESO for the crafting bag.

Without it the game is literally unplayable for me these days.


A lot of people slam SWTOR, ESO, and DCUO for their “subscribers get new content included, but freeloaders get the base game but nothing new” approach, but it works, makes sense, and clearly shows the value even to uninvested newbies (even if there are still tons of other things you can rightly criticize them for). As someone who doesn’t play the game on a regular basis anymore, I don’t understand what the subscription to Wildstar offers; and when potential customers are saying “I don’t understand what makes this supposedly valuable” you’re in deep poo-poo.


don’t lump swtor and dcuo in the same sentence as ESO. ESO even with it’s initial b2p is just a better value when you don’t want to sub.


The value of basic ESO access versus SWTOR or DCUO is all a matter of personal opinion: to me, ESO is just more sword and sorcery junk, and thus (as my mother would say) not worth the powder to blow it to hell. Genre alone makes both DCUO and SWTOR’s non-subscription games a hundred times more valuable to me, even if they had the same upfront cost as ESO.
However neither of our opinions change the fact that a common thread that the three share is that their subscription models offer immediately apparent value to anyone; versus games like Wildstar where you have to already be fairly invested into the game to understand what the hell half the stuff they is offer even is.


That sounds really great, and I’m sure that veteran players can see tons of benefit to it; but much like most of the game’s subscriber benefits, if you’re not an experienced player already that doesn’t mean a whole hell of a lot.

Indigo Salma

Was hoping for something to speed up normal character leveling … Those potions in the shop do absolutely nothing but expire fast.

Craig Sharp

Absolutely loved playing this game casually. Two things holding me back from trying it again:

  • Regular content updates, and
  • Controller support – I’m loving playing MMOs with controllers at the moment :P
  • xpsync

    Okay, I’ll admit it. This was one of the most fun mmo’s i’ve ever played. But all of a sudden it was over?