Path of Exile preps ‘ultimate flashback event’ with the new legacy league

Did you miss out on one of Path of Exile’s more interesting challenge leagues from the past few years? Soon, you’ll have the opportunity to make up for that, thanks to the game’s “ultimate flashback event.”

When Path of Exile’s 2.6 patch arrives on March 3rd, the game will go into league overdrive with its Legacy League event. During this period, players will find and equip up to three “leaguestones” at a time that will activate any combination of Path of Exile’s previous 17 challenge leagues. That’s like… a crazy amount of potential league combinations.

This will be a great opportunity for players to not only experience past league challenges but to pick up unique items that were only available during those runs. Patch 2.6 will also add special reliquary treasure chambers ripe for looting, 40 new challenges, and a solo self-found mode. Don’t miss our deep-dive on the all the new content from earlier this week!

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I just reinstalled PoE and logged in for the first time since essence league. Was not disappointed. Game runs smoother than ever and there are special stash tabs for essences and divination cards. They are even on sale right now, so I instantly grabbed a few… no more sorting those things manually :D


The reason they make new items at all are for new stash tabs :O

But yes, it is a much more enjoyable experience with rather than without. The best and most worth it tab imo is the currency tab.

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I am hoping I can be back at my desktop by the time this drops as I would love to dive deep into this again. I tried it on my laptop but sadly its not good enough to run it at anywhere near what I would find acceptable.


I need to map out what I want and how to get it. I want the old Facebreaker badly.