Albion Online is launching on July 17

Huge news for the Albion Online community today, as Sandbox Interactive announced that the fantasy sandbox will be launching this summer on July 17th. At that time, the studio said, the founder’s program will end, founder’s packs will be removed from the store, and starter packs will be put up on the shelves.

Between now and then, Albion has a lot in store for fans. The “massive” Galahad update, which includes a world revamp and server wipe, is coming on March 13th. After that, the team wants to work on polishing the UI, improving the starter experience, and putting in some quality of life features for guilds. These will all be bundled into the late May/early June Hector update.

Check out the launch announcement as well as a few new overview videos after the break!

Source: YouTube
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Dug From The Earth

Aside from crafting, does this game have much of a PvE aspect?

Quest? Dungeons? Exploration?

Or is it more of a top down survival mmorpg, focusing on crafting up your gear high enough to endure the pvp battles that the game hypes?


From what I’ve seen of the game, quests only exist to provide you with silver. There are dungeons, but I’ve only ever done the easiest level of them to farm silver, though I’ve heard you can get better gear from harder ones. There really isn’t exploration, no.

Think of it like Medieval EVE Online — If you craft and gather, you make gear so that other players can PVP, and you try to earn as much silver and resources as you can to expand your personal island. Maybe you join a large PVP guild to help supply them and ensure that you’re safe when gathering higher tier materials. If you’re a PVPer, your goal is a) you’re a solo PVPer, so you try to gain as much silver as you can to buy better and better gear (which you can lose or which can break and need repairing depending on the zone) so that you can more easily kill other players. Since you solo, you mostly gank gatherers. b) you’re a group PVPer, there’s more of the game open to you, since you can fight with your guild to claim territory or do these kind of battleground skirmishes. You probably don’t have to worry about silver as much, since your guild can help to supply you with equipment.

That’s been my experience with the game. I hope that helps!

Kickstarter Donor

What is the difference between the starter and founder packs?

Pablo López

So, they are wiping on March 13th and then for release? Or is March 13th the last wipe?


Good. I’ll take credit.

Loyal Patron
Patreon Donor
Kickstarter Donor

Had to do a quick calendar check. It is not April 1st.