MMO Week in Review: Morrowind’s bear butts (February 26, 2017)

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Elder Scrolls Online let the press loose on the Morrowind expanshachapter this week, and we met the challenge: We deep-dived the story and lore behind the new version of the 15-year-old Vvardenfell, scoped out the unusual 4v4v4 PvP battlegrounds, and examined the new jack-of-all-trades Warden class (and yes, there are bear butts). And don’t forget the gameplay trailer, which ought to satisfy those grumpy about not getting any gameplay sneaks during the reveal last month.

Read on for the very best of this week’s MMO news and opinions.

Elder Scrolls Online: Setting up the Morrowind story - [AL:ESO]Last week, I trekked out to Baltimore to visit ZeniMax Online Studios and get a first glimpse at Elder Scrolls Online's upcoming chapter/expansion, Morrowind. After all, it's been fifteen years since anyone…
Hi-Rez addresses the Paladins pay-to-win uproar - The Paladins community has been flipping tables this week over the game's new Legendary cards and Essence currency, which players argue are blatantly pay-to-win. Hi Rez's latest patch essentially nerfed…
Check out these gorgeous New World screenshots - Ever since last September's surprise announcement that Amazon Game Studios was actually building a sandbox MMORPG called New World, we have been dying to know more about it. As the…
Albion Online is launching on July 17 - Huge news for the Albion Online community today, as Sandbox Interactive announced that the fantasy sandbox will be launching this summer on July 17th. At that time, the studio said,…
Guild Wars 2 drops a big skill balance patch - Could you feel that? There's been a disturbance in the forums, as if dozens of Guild Wars 2 skills cried out in terror... and were suddenly balanced. ArenaNet dropped a…
Leaderboard: If you solo in MMORPGs, why? - Solo players in MMORPGs are a strange case, chiefly because they are treated like an outlier when they aren't. The fact is that almost everyone solos at one time or…

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