MMO Week in Review: On The Secret World’s relaunch (March 5, 2017)

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Funcom’s latest financial report this week was bolstered by Conan Exiles’ success and the reveal that The Secret World isn’t getting an expansion as rumored after all; it’s getting a complete relaunch this spring with a fresh newbie experience, combat overhaul, and adjusted business model. Funcom’s been tight-lipped on details so far, meaning speculation (even from our own TSW columnist) is running wild.

There’s some sad news out of Funcom this week too: Anarchy Online and Age of Conan are basically headed for maintenance mode. “No further significant work is expected to be done on this project going forward,” Funcom says of both games.

Read on for the very best of this week’s MMO news and opinions.

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9 Comments on "MMO Week in Review: On The Secret World’s relaunch (March 5, 2017)"

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I’m so curious about the TSW combat updates, when will we get some details?

odin valhalla

I’ve been interested in TSW for a long time but never pulled the trigger because ive heard bad things about the combat from MMO players I trust. Im hearing now from the same players this could be a dam good revival for the game.

Couple of quick questions for people playing now:
1. Whats the monetization in the game? (f2p, p2w) Just a quick overview would be great.
2. Whats the PVP like? (if at all).
3. Can I play casually?

On question 3. Im not looking for an all in commitment on another MMO I am reserving that for either Crowfall or CU (dependent on which one sucks the least, lol). I’d like something that is a nice filler for 2017 though as ESO has lost my business.

Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.


No p2w. You can play it as casual as a single player game if you’re a story person. It has great storytelling and superb voiceacting.

John Mclain

Improving The Secret Worlds’s combat (And by that I mean basically a total do-over, not some tweaks) could lead to the biggest recovery of a MMO ever seen. I’d play the hell out of TSW if they totally scrapped that godawful garbage of a combat system for something even remotely fun.

Dima Wisotski

I don’t think they will change the tab-targeting system much. Maybe you will see some balancing, better animations and some timing changes. To remake a combat system automatically means redesigning a lot of cobat quests, reworking boss fights, dungeons, raids. You can’t just take an non-target action based combat system, and thrust it into a game with all the bosses with their attack patterns, abilities and mechanics were designed for tab-targeting hotkey skills with gcd system.

Castagere Shaikura

You and me both on this. So sick of the whole use builder thing over and over.


Change to combat has piqued my interest. It was the single biggest issue I had with the game.

Indigo Salma

Its an amazing game. Really wish more people play it.
Easy to join dungeons and quite good mannered community.

Just wish skills weren’t such a grind to get skill points .

James Crow

you don’t have to get all the skills, alot of players that open alt for example just use a small numbers to make the builds.

for me, the 100$ skills wheel is more like 100% map in GW2.
you can do it but you dont really have to.

-the senerio abbilities are other case