Leaderboard: Will The Secret World’s relaunch entice you to play?

Last week, the MMO world was startled to learn that instead of getting an expansion, The Secret World is getting a complete relaunch as part of a big Funcom push of the game. At this point, there’s been plenty of time to speculate (and not a lot of info from the studio forthcoming, and yes, we’ve asked!). From the investor call, we know that the game is due for a newbie experience overhaul, a combat overhaul, daily login rewards, and a new business model that makes story content freely accessible, which suggests a lean away from buy-to-play.

So do you think we are looking at a game-crushing NGE — or a Final Fantasy XIV-style GOTY-quality do-over? And more importantly, do these sound like the kinds of adjustments that might entice you to return to The Secret World or play for the first time? Let’s find out in this week’s Leaderboard.

Will TSW's changes entice you to play?

  • I currently play TSW and will probably keep playing after relaunch. (17%, 167 Votes)
  • I currently play TSW and will probably stop playing after relaunch. (0%, 1 Votes)
  • I currently play TSW and am uncertain of my future in the game because of relaunch. (4%, 38 Votes)
  • I used to play TSW and will probably return after relaunch. (46%, 448 Votes)
  • I used to play TSW and will probably not return for relaunch. (7%, 70 Votes)
  • I used to play TSW and am uncertain of my future in the game because of relaunch. (12%, 120 Votes)
  • I've never played TSW and will probably try it after relaunch. (8%, 74 Votes)
  • I've never played TSW and will probably not try it after relaunch. (2%, 16 Votes)
  • I've never played TSW and am undecided on relaunch. (4%, 42 Votes)

Total Voters: 976

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87 Comments on "Leaderboard: Will The Secret World’s relaunch entice you to play?"

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Chestnut Bowl

I tried TSW many times. The story, lore, and voice acting were among the best in the world of MMOs, but I could not stand the combat. It was too boring.

If the relaunch introduces a more engaging combat system, maybe I’ll stick around this time.

Loyal Patron

I do own it, and I have played about 40 minutes of it, 10 minutes of which were me chasing a butterfly to a gorgeously-rendered Japanese man who talked my ears off for 30 minutes. It was entrancing, and I’ll definitely have another look after the relaunch.

CloakingDonkey .

yeah i’ll give it another go, certainly. There will be lots of new people running around. More fun to be had :D

Patreon Donor
Loyal Patron

I’ll come back when there’s a new zone to play…

Kickstarter Donor
Feyd Darkholme

I am plaaying and will continue to play TSW… for me it’s one of the best MMORPGs out there, even with the combat as it is. My only hope is that they don’t do anything to dumb down the game in an effort to “fix” the combat or attract new players.

Brown Jenkin

We really don’t know much about it just yet, but yes abso-friggin-lutely I’ll return to TSW to check out whatever changes they make!

Melissa McDonald

will probably give it a spin to see what it’s like after the relaunch, yes.

Blood Ravens Gaming

If they fixed the boring combat I may consider coming back. I just do not enjoy the combat in that game at all!


Hell Yeah! Without a doubt I’ll be trying it out.
I’m so surprised at how much ESO has clicked for me since update 12, i haven’t been this content with an mmo for a very long time and this is the way it should be, one mmo, maybe two tops. I’m so satisfied with eso that I no longer have anything on my radar as i really don’t care, i got a home, in fact I’ve uninstalled all other mmo’s.
If the Secret World ‘s relaunch pans out, I’ll most certainly make time for her. Of all the MMO’s i have played over the last decade(+) TSW is the one game I’ll let in the door again. I wont even let EQ2 in the door anymore, to know me, this speaks volumes for TSW.
Not that EQ2 is a bad mmo it’s quite opposite and i can highly recommend it, but for me it’s done. I spent way to much time in it a long time ago when it was a different more solid experience, it knew who it was and did it in spades. OK on a tangent, i log into EQ2 and I’m on a mount going a Mach 2, wtf? where is the immersion in that? I log into eso and yeah, this is immersive to me feels correct, feels like a world, just a wee little example.
Back in the golden years of mmo’s i played a f’load of EQ2 and more than a fair share of SWG, that was the perfect combo for me at that time and is literally all i played for years. Fast forward to today and so far ESO is looking like a solid hit for my main mmo and guess what Funcom i gotta an open slot! Yes, I’ll be there!

Nathaniel Downes
Nathaniel Downes

If Funcom wants my interest, they need to finish the engine upgrade to Anarchy Online promised so many years ago.