Revelation Online soft launch is here! Check out our roundup and trailer

Revelation Online is officially official this morning, having soft launched into a no-wipe beta this morning. It’s old hat to you folks who bought early access packs, and you can still do that if you’re so inclined, but now everyone can jump into the import for free.

We’ve rounded up the launch trailer and all of our coverage to date below. Happy launch day!

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Revelation Online invites you to visit the Immortal Annex - [AL:Rev]The Immortal Annex in Revelation Online is a place of boundless learning, a faction devoted simply to studying, researching, learning, and never actually going out to get a job. It's an undeclared college major's dream locale,…
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Revelation Online starts open beta on March 6 - [AL:Rev]Are you unwilling to pay for beta access but also desperately curious about playing Revelation Online? You won't have to wait much longer. The game's open beta begins on March 6th, starting in English only with…
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Revelation Online’s third closed beta has begun - As promised, the third round of Revelation Online's closed beta begins in the west today. "The third phase of testing will last until February 2 and will allow players to explore up to level 69 and prepare…
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Revelation Online shows off the Spiritshaper class - [AL:Rev]So you want to heal your friends, huh? It's a good job, you know. Challenging work, outdoor and indoor opportunities, everyone wants to be your friend, and in Revelation Online you get to summon spirit beasts…
Revelation Online’s Swordmage is beautifully badass - [AL:Rev]Swordmages are the subject of Revelation Online's newest class reveal video, out this morning for fans to drool over. Critically, the class maintains an "elegant temperament and a beautiful look that can topple a countless number…
Revelation Online details the mechanics of guilds - [AL:Rev]Having a guild is important in Revelation Online. Then again, having a guild is important in a lot of games, so Revelation Online has to do some extra work to make guilds into big, distinct entities.…
Revelation Online introduces the northern wolves - [AL:Rev]Oh no! The Northern Wolves are coming in Revelation Online! Are you scared? Do you know who the Northern Wolves are? If not, you should probably read up on the latest batch of revelations from the…
The Stream Team: A glimpse of Revelation Online - [AL:Rev]Are you curious what Revelation Online is all about? Would you like to catch a glimpse of it? Or better yet, would you like a chance to get in the closed beta yourself and see it…
Revelation Online previews two more closed beta dungeons - [AL:Rev]Are you ready to take on the dungeons of Revelation Online's closed beta being previewed today? Probably not! The beta isn't starting until November 3rd, and you'll need to level before you're ready, so you don't…
Revelation Online delays closed beta into November - [AL:Rev] announced today that it is delaying the closed beta test for Revelation Online another week, from October 25th to November 3rd. "QA has encountered some client stability issues with certain situations," the team wrote today. "While…
Revelation Online shows off the Occultist - [AL:Rev]The Occultist in Revelation Online is a complicated sort. Sure, a given Occultist is capable of delivering devastating ranged attacks, because what's life without devastating ranged attacks? It's boring. But said Occultist also has a softer…
Revelation Online wants you to know that it has PvE - [AL:Rev]Not every MMO has to come right out and reassure its audience that, yes, it will have PvE content. That's usually a given unless the title is taking the path less traveled. So perhaps you weren't…
Revelation Online’s Ever, Jane sensibilities - [AL:Rev]MMORPG import Revelation Online is taking appearances seriously. "Revelation Online offers a complete character creation system," explains in a fresh dev blog out today. "Players can select their appearance, body type, costume, accessories, headgear, and…
Revelation Online introduces the Vanguard - [AL:Rev]If your preferred method of transportation is the noble van rather than the selfish SUV or the sneaky car, Revelation Online's new Vanguard will keep it safe. Its class abilities are... wait, we're reading this wrong.…
In Revelation Online, players level when they choose to - [AL:Rev]Can a character be defined by more than just its level and gear? Revelation Online plans for exactly that, and wants to give the player power over character development. The latest dev blog delves into this…
Revelation Online introduces the Ursids - [AL:Rev]The Ursids in Revelation Online are ursines of the times. They're well-known in the game world for being honest, adaptive, fond of honey, and generally willing to bear a great deal. A new entry on the…
Revelation Online will boast giant turtle housing - [AL:Rev]Housing is definitely becoming more accepted across the MMORPG genre, so while it may not be a surprise that the upcoming Revelation Online will allow players to deck out their own pad, it may quirk an…
Revelation Online shows off the Blademaster’s moves - [AL:Rev]Last month's Revelation Online fly-through video slapped us across the face with how beautiful this upcoming game is, but is that beauty only skin-deep or is there some substantial content to back it up? As we…
Revelation Online’s fly-through video is breathtaking - [AL:Rev]Revelation Online has a gorgeous new fly-through video out this morning. Clocking in at over five minutes long, the trailer is (almost) one long swoop through the biomes and past the structures of the world. Also?…
Revelation Online clip demos control swapping - [AL:Rev]Upcoming MMORPG Revelation Online has a fresh video out this morning, this one on the game's three-tier control system. Be warned, though: It's possibly the shortest MMO video of all time. NetEase and explain that…
Revelation Online hits open beta today - [AL:Rev]Revelation Online is kind of a big deal if you're in its native China. It's a new MMORPG with flight, flying mounts, a beautiful graphical engine, and a variety of game systems meant to keep players…

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25 Comments on "Revelation Online soft launch is here! Check out our roundup and trailer"

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Kickstarter Donor

How is the game in terms of open world exploration? Worth a look in that regard?

Castagere Shaikura

Tried it today. Got to lvl 20 and just couldn’t play anymore. I just felt like why bother with this. The game reminded my of PWE Swordman Online. Fastest i’ve even uninstalled a game.

Loyal Patron
Patreon Donor

I was looking forward to this game. The character creation is good, but between the wonky translations, the horrible female animations, and the (OMG) sexism from the get-go, this game is not for me. Yes, I know where the game comes from; that does not excuse the ridiculousness of its constant sexism.

When I first loaded in, the whole chat box was covered in gold sellers. I tried to block/report but you can only do that at L5+… fortunately, it takes about 30 seconds to get to L5. Unfortunately, the gold sellers are the only ones in all the chats and I couldn’t find a way to turn it off. :

Denice J. Cook

All three control schemes are wonky, and this game seems a bit cheesy and unfinished in spots– not just in its localization, but also in its graphics engine and backdrops. However, I like the class skills and combos, and Revelation’s characters have their own sort of warm-hearted, humorous charm. This more lighthearted attitude comes as a bit of a relief after weathering many overly-serious MMORPG demonic invasions over the years. I’ll keep playing it for a while and I’ll see how I feel about it again later.


Absolutely unacceptable launching a game without full English translations.

Denice J. Cook

Yeah, that really adds to the cheesiness.

Kickstarter Donor

I downloaded it this morning over breakfast and then spent like an hour trying to make a character. I was nearly there (for the first pass, anyway) and tried to save my template for later, but I think I accidentally saved over it. So now I’m annoyed about that and will have to start all over with it again this evening. I’m interested to see how I like the actual game itself.

Character creation is not bad, except that I have had trouble wrangling my character’s eyes into an appearance I like: over-the-top big, but not too over-the-top big, y’know?

Daniel Miller

Just like bdo, this game doesn’t interest me. nothing new. ffxiv, eso lotro sw all have expansions soon. Not that i plaything them but did preorder. Its a china game, they are good at coping, but not creating new content. And i won’t be surprised if they have spyware in there game.

Kickstarter Donor

*flaccid launch


Alright. I was in cbt 1 and 2. So, guess I’ll jump back in and see if everything has been translated.

Joshua Dickerson

Some stuff is still in Korean and also some cutscenes are missing audio and subtitles. So you just kind of assume whats going on based on the character expressions/actions.

Kickstarter Donor

Oh yeah, forgot about it over the weekend. Guess I’ll download this tonight and get around to it sometime this week. At least I managed to finish off most of my goals in Division over the weekend, so it’s probably high time I took a bit of a break.


i don’t get it… is this game tab targeting or action combat?


It has three control options to pick from, which I will sum up as “WoW”, “Diablo” and “GW2”. It doesn’t have action combat, but it has that half-arsed attempt that GW2 has, where you can dodge and aim, but still have targetting.


And all of them a totally awkward. I was really looking forward to this but was put off after being led by the nose for the first 5 levels in 5 minutes and quit.


Something about this game just doesn’t do it for me, and I’m not sure why? It’s definitely pretty enough, and the classes are fairly intriguing. It’s not even the “been there, done that”. I just don’t know. If I had one real bone to pick, it’s their currency system, but Lotro never bothered me, nor did WoW – so I just don’t know!

Kickstarter Donor

RO feels like a re-skin of TERA, but it’s lacking the polish and witty quest dialog. I haven’t played all that much really, but my character hit level 31 last night (without using exp buffs), with probably 90% of the experience coming from running around and talking to people along the storyline quests. Dialog is a repetitive mass of smashing the F key and Space bar.

On the positive side, the avatars look really good, with lots of customization options. There’s also unlimited flight once you get the wings, which is great. The auto-pathfinding takes all the brainwork out of getting from point A to B, which can be a good thing if you just want to turn in a quest, but it also gives you less reason to care about the game world.

The story is uninspiring so far, and I think that’s probably a cultural mismatch. I’m having trouble finding a reason to continue with this, other than it’s easy on the eyes, ridiculously easy to level, and I’m curious to see if it things get more interesting after the early levels.

Where TERA starts feeling grindy around level 35-40, this seems to have no grind to that point. But with TERA there’s enough interesting stuff going on to pull you in. This one hasn’t pulled me in, but it does have some good mechanics.


I think you nailed it. It’s not inspiring in any way I’ve seen so far. Dry story, industry standard content and quest mechanics, combat feels like it’s on rails.

John Mclain

I vomited a little watching that trailer.


This is like farting in a movie theater…you really don’t folks to know about that. So there’s no need to announce it. Thankx.


Lol! My first chuckle of the day. Thank ye.


All coverage to date? Little over kill isn’t it?

Well, I logged in for a bit, there is just something about it which doesn’t feel right. Or rather, doesn’t feel new. It’s like I’ve done it a million times before already, but I do find the classes interesting and the setting is great. It just doesn’t actually grab me when I’m playing it though.


This. I’m not sure why the hype level for this game is so high on Massively OP when other MMO sites are saying its average at best. It’s really not that creative of a game.


It’s Old Wife syndrome. Old wife not as shiny and new as New Wife! I divorce Old Wife and marry New Wife! Oh, New Wife is Old Wife now. *Waits for shinier and newer wife to come along*

This made awesome sense in my head.


Ya mean like the yellow exclamation point over npc quest givers heads?

Didja have to kill bears/boars/angry mushrooms just outside of town with a wooden sword?