Gigantic developer Motiga lays off roughly a fifth of its employees

It seems fair to say that Gigantic's development has had a troubled history, what with the game having hopped publishers, changed platforms, and seen several rounds of layoffs hit its developer Motiga. That last event has come around once more, as the studio has reportedly laid off 15 of its 82 staff members. CEO and founder Chris Chung stated that this was a result of looking ahead and planning for the longer term:

Any kind of layoff is tough, but this was done to reduce our burn rate until we get to Arc launch which will happen in a few months.

Chung stressed that the losses came primarily from business and operations. It's not good to see another round of layoffs hitting the studio, even if the game is getting close to the finish line. Our best wishes go out to those who have lost their jobs in this latest round of layoffs.



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I don't know what it says about me that I'd rather us Arc than the Windows Store.

Bryan Correll

I read the headline and thought "Gigantic" was an adjective describing Motiga and wondered why I hadn't heard about them.

Little Bugbear

This game is so unique I really want it to make it to launch, and fix the games issues. I hope everyone effected are quickly picked up by other studios .


Windows 10 exclusive. ....dragged out development.... downplayed publicity when competitors such as Overwatch have been out there in the most vibrant of ways.

Those are the obvious flaws. The lack of map variety beyond the 2 maps is an easy rider. That games can drag on forever without any backup system in play to kill out the dragged games makes players want to drop it after just a few games. It's hard to care to play a game when it takes nearly 1+hrs to play a single match that limits in both rewards and excitement.


Jesus, I figured the PWE investment would have spared them further layoffs but I guess not.

Honestly...I worry it may be too late for this game. They burnt most of their hype way too early on. That initial excitement that could have been turned into player (more importantly paying players) is largely gone now, especially after their earlier development troubles.

It strikes me a bit like Infinite Crisis, where they burnt much of their initial hype and excitement very early in the super-closed beta phase, and by the time they actually got the game to a really publicly playable state, nobody was really interested in it anymore. I fear Gigantic may see a similar fate, which is a shame given how bloody gorgeous the game is and its take on the MOBA scene. Granted, I'm not really helping as I've not even downloaded the game, but still a shame : /


At least Infinite Crisis had the environmental destruction and use. However the overall top-down design left the game feeling/looking very flat. Not saying all top-downs are like that, but their game certainly was.