Infinite Universe distills all of space onto mobile

In the video game space race between the USA and Russia, who will win? It looks like the competition is heating up, as the Russians have captured the vastness of space itself and distilled it into a mobile MMO. Your move, America.

Maybe we’re overselling this new title a wee bit. Infinite Universe is a mobile space strategy MMO for Android and iOS that’s big on exclamation points: “Take part in space battles and conquer the galaxy! Declare your rights to space territories, take control over new star systems destroying enemy stations and fleets! Build and upgrade your space station and ships and improve theirs combat power!”

Infinite Universe has been in open beta since last November. You can check out some of the gameplay and brush up on your Russian with the following videos.

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Евгений Виговский

New system of fight of the ships #gamedev #indigames #indiedev #mobile #spacestrategy #ммостратегия

Евгений Виговский

Hi, firends! I am IUM developer!
I am glad to see article on your website =)
The first video displays a game, the second video, it is our project, but it is frozen.
Yes, you can download the client for PC

Kala Mona

“as the Russians have captured the vastness of space itself and distilled it into a mobile MMO”

*insert Put In joke here*

John Mclain

A mobile game only for IOS and android… but shows a video of it being played on a PC with a mouse… ok…

On a positive note, it already looks 10x better than all the usual trash you find on the market. Actual graphical combat instead of the usual auto-calculator crap. (Or at least I think, it only showed 1v1 ships fighting and instantly winning.)