Camelot Unchained’s very busy, very productive week

If there’s one thing to be learned from reading Camelot Unchained’s weekly updates, it’s that MMORPGs take a whole lot of work in so many different areas to pull off right — moreso when you’re making your own game engine from scratch and trying a few new things that haven’t been done elsewhere in the genre.

This past Friday’s newsletter had a lot to crow about: “We checked off two important items on our Primary Beta 1 list, we’ve run several impromptu tests this week, we currently have two tests going over the weekend, we dropped in so many changes and bug fixes we had to provide a 20-page testing doc, we have a solid Top Tenish list, and we have a good number of User Stories completed.”

Among other things, the team talked about how it’s improved network stability and started testing a special physics server. For the more visual-oriented among us, a few pieces of art showed off weapons (including an axe with a heart buried in it) and two warriors duking it out on the battlefield.

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Paragon Lost

“If there’s one thing to be learned from reading Camelot Unchained’s weekly updates, it’s that MMORPGs take a whole lot of work in so many different areas to pull off right” -Justin

One of the things that I really appreciate with CU is the weekly emails with their look behind the curtain at how much has to be done to develop an mmorpg. I’ve had many glimpses over the past quarter century but this has been one of the most consistent ongoing ones that I’ve enjoyed mostly due to the fact that it’s one in development.

Whereas other looks behind the curtain were more based on on an mmorpg that was already developed and that’s a different view indeed. Kudos to Mark and company for these peek’s behind the curtain and for the great ongoing communication.

Das Everett

Looks like the game is finally starting to come together. I’m excited to get my hands on beta one sometime in the near future, and see some of the concepts in action.

Strangely, I’m most curious about the modular map/zone control that was discussed during BSC days awhile back. I imagine that will be a in later beta though.

Oleg Chebeneev

Lots of talks, lots of texts, and pretty much nothing shown. Game is nearing closed beta and we still havent seen any ingame locations except fields with randomly generated trees.

Mark Jacobs

…because we haven’t built them yet. Keep in mind that our Beta 1 checklist lists the fact that we are not bulding cities for Beta 1, just islands for players to build and destroy on. Unlike the game you are constantly defending, we are not heavy on content creation, we’ll be leaving a lot of that up to the players. So, for us, having a bunch of islands that are created by us (procedural generation is not the same thing as random generation as you know) and thousands of structures built by players is our mission statement. Please keep that in mind as well as the fact that we didn’t list what you perceive as ‘missing’ as a Beta 1 item, not now or ever. FYI, we’ll be doing more of that for Beta 2 once we can spend more time in our World Editor.

And all you have to do to see the progress is pledge, we run tests almost every weekend. :)


Great progress. I can’t wait for CU to be a live game!

Mark Jacobs

Thanks Justin and MOP, as always, for the coverage!

Step by step we’re getting closer to Beta 1. I’m sorry that it has been slower than expected, but as our updates and tests continue to show (we’re running two this weekend), the engine and the game are evolving week-by-week. By the end of this month we hope to have the new animation and improved VFX systems in a state where we can give our Backers and interested others a solid estimate for the opening of Beta 1.

I’m currently still on the west coast, but will be back in the office next week. Hopefully we’ll also open the office there soon.

Have a great weekend all and thanks again Justin!


Eh, no problem. Building a strong foundation takes time, and development almost always experiences delays, it’s just that it’s rare for that to become public. (and when it is, it’s usually towards the tail end of development)
It’s sad to say that most gamers really don’t have an appreciation for how the sausage is made.
They want their game and they want it now.

Fortunately it seems that most of your backers seem perfectly willing to wait. As a delayed game is eventually good, where as a rushed game is forever bad.


Had sausage for breakfast, would do it again, don’t particularly want to watch pig killing but happy to follow CU development. Time for dinner.