BlizzCon 2017 to be held on November 3-4

There are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and another BlizzCon every year even if Blizzard has absolutely nothing new to announce. Then again, we don’t know if Blizzard has nothing new to announce yet; it’s only March, and BlizzCon isn’t until November. The event page has just been updated to indicate that this year’s event will be on November 3rd and 4th in the usual convention center in Anaheim, CA. Tickets will go on sale on April 5th and April 8th.

Of course, we don’t yet have information on virtual tickets, associated digital swag, or anything else. But we know it’s happening, and you can start blocking out the time for it. Meanwhile, we’ll get our liveblogging posts ready well in advance of the actual event, as you know we’ll have coverage is you can’t make the actual convention. Feel free to join us in the official drinking game: Every time someone says e-sports, you can take a shot, and oh dear you now have alcohol poisoning.

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Since Blizzcon has turned into all Esports all the time I stopped going, my WoW collectors editions are displayed beside the other games I use to play UO/SWG/E&B

I’m much more excited about the talk coming out of E3 that Zenimax is kicking around doing it’s own event, as for Blizzard since the people who made the company all have left, I think it’s going to end up like Activisions other companies cash cows for the masses, but not core gamers.


Unless they announce a new game soon I’ll probably stop paying attention to blizzcon.

WoW 2 needs to happen. I used to balk at the idea but now the more I think about it, a fresh restart, a more refined twist on the lore, a better engine and learning from past mistakes would be amazing.

Richard de Leon III
Richard de Leon III

WoW2 should only happen if WoW1 is being shutdown. Believe me after going through what EQ1 and 2 did, its not smart to split your fanbase.
A compromise I think they should do is just revamp WoW1 entirely but allow the toons to continue. The reason WoW is so sticky for most players is the fact they have invested years into their characters.


I’d go if it wasn’t in such a lame place as Anaheim. I’d go anywhere before I took a vacation there.

They should move it around every year as an excuse to go on vacations themselves like other corporations do. They did it for Hearthstone in the Bahamas.

Sally Bowls

Yeah – an event does not need to be worth flying to X; it just needs to provide the excuse to go to the X I would like to visit.

Although, out of curiosity, I will probably be in Anaheim or Orlando in ’19.

Star Wars-Themed Lands at Disney Parks Set to Open in 2019

And Anaheim+car means San Diego & the new Getty, so for me a tier II destination.

I doubt it will ever move since it would be millions of dollars in travel cost, and more expensively time, to be outside of driving distance of the headquarters.

Dug From The Earth

The only reason to care about blizzcon is for announcements of new games/expansions (or cosplay if thats your thing).

We already know that no new WOW expansion is planned any time soon. Overwatch and HoTS pretty much release their new content very few months without the need for a big event to announce it. Hearthstone will probably have another expansion (rumors of an Ungoro one are already on the web). Diablo? Who the hell (get it) knows? Many people were hoping for a D3 expansion (or D4) announcement LAST blizzcon, and all they got was a sneak peak at the anniversary event and the paid DLC necro addon that still isnt out yet.

So basically, this blizzcon should be rather boring and uninteresting, unless they surprise us with a D4 announcement, or a full fledged Overwatch expansion.


I finally want my warcraft 3 + frozen throne HD remake, damn it!

Sally Bowls

Nothing new? Pshaw, Let Orson Wells explain it to you:

Charles Foster Kane: Mr. Carter, here’s a three-column headline in the Chronicle. Why hasn’t the Inquirer a three-column headline?
Herbert Carter: The news wasn’t big enough.
Charles Foster Kane: Mr. Carter, if the headline is big enough, it makes the news big enough.
Mr. Bernstein: That’s right, Mr. Kane.

Denice J. Cook

So what happened to not hearing more about official Vanilla WoW servers until after Blizzcon this past November? Apparently they meant “not hearing anything more, ever.”

*grumpy face*

Loyal Patron

I’ve been several times and always had a great time, but with the increased emphasis on stupid Esports my desire to attend wanes more and more.


One year they just need to call it “Blueszcon”. The whole thing will have a musical blues theme, and all Blizzard employees will walk around wearing all blue.

Manastu Utakata

…well essentially it’s sorta “Blues”con already. As this seems to the live action real life version of Blue posts via their website, The Forums and Twitter, to which players have to pay through the nose to participate in. On the other hand, I am pretty sure Bobby Kotick’s fattening wallet doesn’t mind this exercise in the spectacle. o.O