Roblox is taking the online kid world by storm with 48M monthly users and $92M in new investment

Have you ever heard of this game Roblox? If not, you probably will be in the future, because this title has come out of nowhere to grab an enormously large audience with its LEGO-meets-Minecraft setup. According to the site, “Every day, virtual explorers come to Roblox to create adventures, play games, role play, and learn with their friends in a family-friendly, immersive, 3-D environment.”

Formed back in 2005 and growing significantly over the past few years, Roblox now boasts over 48 million monthly users across all of its platforms (the game can be accessed on PC, mobile, VR, and console), with most of its demographics being made up of children ages six to 16. The game has seen activity peak at one million concurrent players and has paid out $9.2 million to community creators.

Roblox just signed a deal to secure $92 million in additional investment to develop the game even more and “strengthen the balance sheet.” One of the investing partners released a statement about the deal, saying, “Roblox’s growth over the past two years has been one of the best-kept secrets in the industry. They’re experiencing engagement and audience numbers that rival some of the world’s biggest gaming and entertainment companies, and we see the trajectory continuing to accelerate. This is an exciting time to come on board.”

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My son introduced me to this. He plays it on his PC and now on his xbox 1 as well. really interesting setup and honestly seems to be a great system for kids. Tons of different player made games for them to play with. All seemingly work without issue. Not surprised by the numbers, a lot of the kids seem to enjoy it when bored of their other games.

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Schlag Sweetleaf

Conner Plays

I use to play Roblox a lot, never really built anything amazing due to Lua being hard to understand for me. But, I did play a bunch of the user created games

I say use to; because the user generated content has stagnated for the past seven years. I’m serious the most popular games (With such appealing names like; ‘Work at a Pizza Place’, ‘High School Roleplay’ and ‘Survive the Disasters) Have been around since I was a small noob back in 2007

That’s not to say I’m not intrigued by what this investment could mean. Look past the hastily made content and you were always able to find gems in the rough

Oyjord Hansen

The newly released “LEGO Worlds” already is a wonderful combination of Minecraft and, well, LEGOs. My daughter and I are enjoying the hell out of it on PS4.

It seems like some research into “LEGO Worlds” would’ve helped inform and contextualize this article.


Well this is a missed opportunity for Lego. Somewhere a minifigure is walking in front of a lego truck or slitting his lego wrists in despair.

At least we have classics like Lego Universe and Lego Minifigures Online to play.

Melissa McDonald

EQN would be primed to take the teen/adult crowd away from Minecraft and Roblox, if only they hadn’t lost faith in what they were doing.


According to anonymous employees, Georgeson was the driving factor behind the entire project crashing and burning.


Roblox is brilliant. It comes with two components — a DIY suite for making your own games, and the part where you browse and play games (sort of looks like the front page of YouTube). Some of the game are quite sophisticated, although many are clearly amateurish. But even those ones play well enough to be highly enjoyable. Everything has such an enthusiastic, jolly energy. If you’ve ever played the MP games at Mineplex, or are otherwise familiar with Minecraft’s online scene, Roblox is not far off. Great stuff. My only complaint is, like many web-based games, the amount of stuff it piles onto your C: drive.

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Jack Pipsam

Never played it, but I know it’s a big deal.
I am sure I would play it if I was in the six to eleven range, seems like a good time. For as long as they keep the focus as being freedom to the players, I think it will keep doing well for a long time.


i now of this game only from dank memes. much like club penguin. LOL


My daughter used to play this in between Minecraft sessions. Good to see that they’re doing so well!

Nick Smith

My kids love this game. I think its due in big part by famous youtubers who play the adventures and it makes kids want to try it too. Okay… ill be honest. Made me want to play along with them :)


Only a matter of time before they start selling lockbloxes. Ba dum tss!

Castagere Shaikura

The more popular a game gets,the greedier the suits get.