Hi-Rez puts SMITE Rivals development ‘on hold’

Bad news for those who were looking forward to another SMITE spinoff game; it appears that the digital card game version of the game, SMITE Rivals, is taking a vacation from development. According to Hi-Rez Studios president Stew Chisam, the game’s development is being put on hold to focus on developing SMITE Tactics:

Whether or not “on hold” is a euphemism for “waiting until further development is possible” or “sold to a nice farm family upstate” is ambiguous. Our own MJ had a chance to look at the game in development in January and was quite fond of it, but it’s unclear how much further development would have been needed for the title to reach a level that Hi-Rez would be happy about.

Source: Twitter via TouchArcade
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Nathan Aldana

“after much thought we realized taking on league of legends,Overwatch, turn based singleplayer rpgs and wakfu, and hearthstone and hex all at the same time might be unwise”


After seeing how they handled Global Agenda and how they literally abandoned Tribes: Ascend only a year after release, this sort of news doesn’t faze me one bit. Whoever’s in charge of allocating resources over there clearly has some serious commitment issues…..

David Bresson

Awww, bummer. I was/am definitely looking forward to this one. Ah well, Smite Tactics will get even more love, then. MJ will be bummed, though.

MJ Guthrie
MJ Guthrie

Yes, MJ is really bummed. Was by far my favorite of all SMITE’s games, and not very interested in Tactics at all. =*(


They shouldn’t be spreading too thin anyway. They quietly dropped Jetpack Fighter with 0 word and now they’re trying to do THREE different games that all use card systems? Yeaaaah they need to slow down in that department. I can’t even really say thst Tactics is interesting enough to really bother playing as is.

Though tbh mobile games could be the more short term profit option for them.


I guess Smite Rivals has been smote.

Oh snap

Jack Pipsam

This is just part of the course for Hi-Rez.


I think the figure of speech is, “par for the course”. Golf thing that became common vernacular.


“Part of the course” can also be a generic term for Hi-Rez making multiple development projects in their course as a dev/publisher, only to can quite a few along the way. That is part of that course they’re traveling on. Maybe it’s a ship/pirate reference instead of golf.

Who likes golf anyways? Golfers across the country have been disturbing the majestic gopher’s natural habit for decades. Just look at the documentary Caddyshack.

Jeremiah Wagner

Good, it frustrating to see a gaming company with multiple games all in development at the exact same time. Spreading their resources out way to thin just to bring in more money. Paladins for example could have been huge already , but instead they decided to work on porting it to different devices while also having multiple other games in development. Its a horrible idea and ruins everything.

agemyth 😩

It is smart not to put all your eggs in one basket. Console versions of Paladins can increase its audience size by two or three times or even more. Elder Scrolls Online is a big deal largely because it is on three platforms.

Paladins is more popular than Smite (on Steam), so it is already a huge deal for the company.

Gamie Glasglow

Of course they did…. of course… smh