Trion will gquit its old studio tonight, moves into new digs this weekend

You might not notice, since the servers are fine and customer service is operating from Austin, but Trion’s Redwood Shores studio is packing up and moving “just a stone’s throw away” over this coming weekend.

“Your RIFT team will be out of office from 5:00 PM PST on Thursday, March 16 until 10:00 AM PST on Monday, March 20!” says the studio. “All of Trion is excited to be moving into a new space, one that looks more like a game studio than a cube farm – plus it saves us money!”

That does mean there won’t be the usual round of Friday livestreams for those lucky folks who can watch livestreams on Fridays, but somehow we figure there are thousands of other streams to watch if you’re in that lofty position. Good luck on the move!

Source: RIFT
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5 Comments on "Trion will gquit its old studio tonight, moves into new digs this weekend"

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Chosenxeno .

Dat Trove Money doe


Their customer service is in Austin? Heh. I’m in Austin. I wonder if I can get onsite customer service? I’ll just go their with my laptop and see. ;)

Wanda Clamshuckr

Going in person might get you better results than everyone else who has had to deal with them. I’ve only had to endure it once, and that was quite enough for this lifetime, thank you.

Shiro Madoushi

Nobody could be bothered to let the ArcheAge players know or give us any kind of news at all this week.


That bait’n’switch money finally got them a new building. Gratz Trion. The RNG is certainly working out for ya.