Wakfu postpones server merges but plans account purge in 30 days

Wakfu players should be advised that Ankama is undergoing a purge of inactive Wakfu accounts. If you haven’t logged into the website or the game in the past two years, have never subbed, and have never spent anything in the cash shop, your account (and its characters) will be subject to the purge. You can log into the website to keep your account within the next 30 days.

Meanwhile, the studio says it will be postponing its planned server merges until the end of the year to “give the team more time to find the very best solutions.”

“The decision to postpone the merge is based on the concerns you expressed in our forums: What will happen to our Haven World? Our guilds? The server economy? Our equipment? We have gathered all of your questions and requests and passed them on to the team. We also know about the abusive player killing (PK) issue and we will work to find solutions. We are aware that problems exist and we realize how important they are.”

Ankama does promise that no matter what, players will not lose characters, nicknames, guilds, Haven Worlds, equipment, kamas, and so forth.

“Postponing the server merge also allows us to prioritize Zinit and releasing new content to give you a richer game experience,” writes the company. “In fact, it means we will be able to release the different parts of Zinit earlier and offer you content from level 45 to 200 in the very near future!”

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ahh i remember my first character merge fondly. decided to give l2 another go after 2 years of wow and wow clones and f2p games only to find my main but not my alts had been deleted in a round of server merges. was not particularly happy but at least ncsoft cs was helpful in getting teh accounts in question back under my control at the time.