Dauntless wants you to express yourself through fashion and flares

Even hulking, skilled, or savvy beast hunters have a weak spot, and that weak spot is the inner need to preen and show off for the rest of the crowd. To show that they are the special peacocks with the brightest and shiniest of tail feathers. To fly into the imaginations of… OK, this metaphor got away from me.

Anyway, this is just to say that the fantasy co-op game Dauntless will feature a robust cosmetic system complete with transmog options: “Slayers with an eye for fashionable accessories will also discover rare cosmetic equipment. While these items don’t have the combat prowess of behemoth-forged armour, they do make a great impression.”

Customization in Dauntless doesn’t just end at armor, however. Players will also have the opportunity to select different kinds of banners and flares to make their mark on the world as they journey through it. Some of these will be available through in-game activities, with others sold through the cash shop.

Source: Dauntless


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I think I’ll just wear the minimum required 32 pieces of flair.


It could be they actually mean flares (bright, usually shooty-things that arc into the sky) but yeah, I’m guessing that Justin probably meant FLAIR, not FLARE.
/editing101 :|

The minimum required is fifteen pieces, but what do you think of someone who just does the minimum?

Eddie Yasi

Why just smash monsters when you can smash monsters AND look fabulous?

Schlag Sweetleaf

Harvest ore dressed in Christian Dior…