St Paddy’s Day MMORPG deals and events roundup

Happy St Patrick’s Day, everyone! This particular holiday isn’t the best for sales, for dumb jokes, or for deep events, but the MMORPG genre has a little bit of all three. We’ve rounded up what we could find to help you celebrate in-game!

Black Desert brought beer. LOG IN FOR FREE BEER Y’ALL. Today only.

This game has a real thing for beer, what can we say.

Mister Mxyzptlk is back to mess with you in DC Universe Online. Subbers can pick up special themed in-game posters too.

TERA’s resurrected its strongbox jackpot event until March 21st; lockboxes could spew out everything from aurum mounts to spellbinds.

Skyforge has brought back Golden Circle Packs for most of the rest of month, all loot nodes now look like three-leafed clover, and council daily quests award special green boxes with new loot.

Armored Warfare is here to put an end to our stupid jokes about getting drunk. “Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and although St. Patrick’s Day is not just celebrated in Ireland, it’s certainly the day to remember the bravery of the Irish,” says, which has the good grace to eulogize the military sacrifices of the Irish before announcing an experience bonus and sale.

Dark of Camelot has begin a leprechaun treasure contest through Monday.

Wakfu is painting the town green! Also red! In celebration of “Saint Potrick,” there’s a freebie item in the cash shop for peeps who spend over the threshold this weekend.

SMITE has double everything this weekend!

“St. Qubeslick has come to the PC version of Trove for two reasons: to chew bubble gum and destroy Angry Tentacles of Q’bthulhu – and he’s all out of bubble gum.” [Thanks, Tanek!]

Revelation Online got in on the fun too.

The Black Death did not. Edit: MOP reader Starbuck points out that The Black Death nuked this tweet and added this one and this one. Welcome back to the spirit of the day!

These last couple aren’t St Patrick’s Day events per se, but they’re happening this weekend anyway, so may as well!

EverQuest II brought back the Chronoportals event in celebration of EverQuest’s birthday.

Neverwinter is running a double influence weekend in addition to cash shop sales.

Champions Online has its usual slew of sales, with new armor, the return of Nighthawk, and a martial arts-themed sale (see below for why that just makes good sense).

and Marvel Heroes has a couple of Iron Fist promos going to coincide with the Netflix series’ premiere tonight. Plus it’s green.

If you guys spot more, drop us a comment so we can add ’em up here for everyone!

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Zen Dadaist

It’s not much but Warframe has a themed colour palette on offer that’s not available outside of the St Patrick’s Day weekend.

John Mynard

Was going to post this. It’s only available until the end of the day, so you better go snag it for the ultimate, super high price of 1 credit.

It does have some very nice blues, greens and yellows that I haven’t seen on the other palettes.


btw: Iron Fist series tanked so bad! Such a bad script!


no surprise after all it is netflix

Kickstarter Donor

Daredevil is an amazing show, in my opinion.


Well I must say, I did enjoy Jessica Jones very much!

MJ Guthrie
MJ Guthrie

I disagree with that. I have really enjoyed some Netflix shows — Daredevil, Stranger Things, and The Crown to name a few.


yes there are some good shows on netflix but the ratings on most of them are not good hence the reason The Ranch only lasted one full season despite being split into two releases even though I thought the show was good.


Oh yes! Totally forgot Stranger Things comes from Netflix! Best new series 2016!


Here is one for Trove: St. Qubeslick’s Day (started a couple days back, but lasts for 2 weeks)

St. Qubeslick’s Day – 14 Days of Daily Rewards!