The Daily Grind: Will World of Warcraft hold its 7.2 patch until June?

On October 24th, World of Warcraft launched patch 7.1, which contained a lot of not-quite-ready-for-launch Legion features and a bit of content. Since then, the game hasn’t really launched any content. Sure, patch 7.1.5 launched in early January, but that just added the Brawler’s Guild back to the game for content (which, admittedly, has a lot of new boss fights). We’re looking at a content gap that’s starting to spread out a fair bit already, and patch 7.2 is coming out… well, eventually?

Of course, MOP’s Bree and I are in pretty close agreement about when it’s coming out: June. Because that’s when a new Final Fantasy XIV expansion and The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind both launch, so they’re going to want to try to kneecap both of those launches.

At least from this side of the fence, that’s a pretty dumb plan. It’s the same plan that was in place for patch 6.2 of Warlords of Draenor, which wound up with lots of complaints about the delays, and it doesn’t seem to have really crippled the launch it wanted to “intercept” there, either. Still, it’s the sort of plan that Blizzard has used in the patch, and with two big competing releases in the same month it seems almost absurd to think it wouldn’t be tried. So what do you think, dear readers? What do you think the odds are of WoW holding its next patch until June? And how much grousing do you expect if people are waiting that long for more content?

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67 Comments on "The Daily Grind: Will World of Warcraft hold its 7.2 patch until June?"

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Joshua Dickerson

They have ESO and FFXIV to contend with, I believe it will be closer to those dates.


If this patch comes out at the end of the month or beginning of next what will all these edgelords find to be mad at a game they no longer play!?

As many have said, it’s already marked for release, it won’t be coming out in June. I hope you all feel really really foolish and I’m shocked that this article was posted at all but then again that was the point wasn’t it? ;)

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It’s already on the background downloader and the current PTR build is marked as a release candidate. That means 7.2 is coming the first week in April, or maybe sooner, with Broken Shore and all of the catch up / lead in stuff that will get us ready for Tomb of Sargeras.

Tomb of Sargeras is what we will get in June. But we have a ways to go yet before it makes any sense at all to be opening the next raid tier. For one thing, there are less than 60 kills on Mythic Gul’dan in the entire world, two months after Nighthold launched. So there is plenty of time, and plenty of nerfs to come, before the current tier is wound out.

And if Tomb opens with the first reset in June, that would be right on schedule for the 4-5 month pace that Blizzard has said they want to maintain for major raids. So far, from everything we have seen, they are sticking to that pace, and plan to continue.

Roger Melly

I don’t think a WoW patch will have any real influence of the sales of either an Eso or FF14 expansion . These games for the most part appeal to completely different types of gamers .

If Blizzard are really doing this to “knee cap” the competition they are really only doing a disservice to their loyal subscribers .

And in the eventuality there are people who are playing either ESO and/or FF14 and WoW at the same time I doubt a WoW patch will stop them buying expansions for other games they are enjoying in fact any substantial delay in such a patch may give them second thoughts about remaining a subscriber .


Now if their was no release candidate or background downloader hadn’t begun already than maybe your post wouldn’t look so silly. 7.2.5 in June is possible. But the raid will surely come out in June / July. Also with raid tiers or pvp seasons not being tied to patches it allows them more freedom when patches come out.

I’m assuming Elliot had this already written up already & just dropped without actually checking up on 7.2 news at all. Because if they actually followed up on news than this post prbly wouldn’t exist.

Ben Stone

Uh I think you are forgetting that Nighthold only launched mid-January as well. Casual players have only just unlocked Guldan last week, and progession raiders only just cleared mythic. So not much of a content gap really. I expect it will be launched in the next month, given prepatching has begun.


I feel like this article was written before the background downloader for the patch came up on Friday. That and just about anyone that pays attention (which I’d expect of people writing for a game site) could have guessed that 7.2 was going to be late March or early April after Blizz has repeatably said the raid isn’t tied to the patch. Now the raids opening date being in June along with a 7.2.5 a week or so beforehand is pretty likely to 1. compete with Stormblood and Morrowwind and 2. because that’d be 6 months of Nighthold which is how long they want raids to last. That and Blizz themselves last week saying a 7.2.5 is going to precede the raid.

I tend to expect better articles on this site rather than something that comes off as click-baity.


It is kinda obvious that Tomb of Sargeras will release in June / July it fits directly with how long a raid lasts 5-6 months.

Denice J. Cook

About the only thing WoW can kneecap is itself, and Blizzard has been doing that steadily since the day Cataclysm launched.



Since the most recent PTR build was flagged as release, I would say that early April is a more likely.

The big thing to remember is that, unlike previous expansions, raid tiers are not completely tied to patch cycles. So while Patch 7.2 is likely to come out soon, June/July is a likely date for the next raid release.

Apollo Haner

Given that we’ve already preloaded the patch, June seems rather a silly prediction. I’m guessing 03/28/17.