Guilded gives a new online tool for recruiting, organizing, and running player groups

There’s a new entry on the block for online game guild organization and recruiting: Guilded. This site purports to be your one-stop shopping experience for players looking for guilds and leaders looking for a home for their groups.

Guilded officially launched on March 17th and offers free tools to any player organization that wants to make a home on its site. These tools include online calendars, shared documents, discussion boards, custom applications, guild chat, profiles, and integration with gaming networks and Discord. It’s also a useful place for free agent players who are guild shopping and looking for particular specifications.

One of its biggest selling points is that Guilded works cross-platform, including mobile devices, as the site says that it is “the only platform built from the ground up to connect gaming teams across all platforms and devices.”

Forums, matchmaking and tournaments are all upcoming features for the site that should expand upon Guilded’s offerings.

Source: Guilded
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5 Comments on "Guilded gives a new online tool for recruiting, organizing, and running player groups"

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Alex Malone

Site looks alright, some decent features in there. However, no guild forums = instant rejection.

If you’re creating a new website for your guild, it needs to be the one-stop-shop for all core features. If I have to use guilded as a brochure / recruitment platform, then facebook or something else for guild discussions / guides / tactics, then somewhere else for DKP/SK loot organising…..its not going to work.

Really feels like guilded is just a recruitment platform at the moment, rather than actually being a place to hangout and organise your guild. Good first step, but needs a lot more.

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Lights and Music

Looks like an enjin rival?

Rick Mills

I think we need a run down from Tina!

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I second this. I’d be interested in a comparison of guild sites and their feature sets.

Kickstarter Donor

I always love the idea of these kinds of sites, but the reality never seems to live up to the promise. They either aren’t very well trafficked or are super elitist in my experience.