The Repopulation is back, but major bugs ensure the next patch is a ways off

Idea Fabrik's internal dev team published a dev update on The Repopulation this morning, following the game's relaunch last week. The studio says it's still working on verifying old backer accounts and reminds players that the game hasn't been updated yet -- this is just a copy of the game from fall 2015 when it all came down. Expect wipes to correct the economy at some point as well.

The really bad news is that the new team has discovered a slew of existing problems it needs to fix before it can move on with new content.

"We have been digging in to the zoning/transition issues, which have provided an insight to many other issues, this includes but is not limited to a lot of information that is being replicated which doesn't need to be, and some major issues with server drops, memory leaks and performance are being extrapolated by this. What this means for us is... We have to go over all replicated information, sort out what should be server side and client side, then apply all of the fixes without borking up other interconnected systems at the same time. As example of this is when players go over zone lines: ALL of your Account information is replicated from one area to the next, this includes for example, your inventory. So the more information on your character, the longer it will take to transition. This is not a straight forward and easy changing a 1 to a 0."

"We want to get it to where it's sturdy and can be built upon without having any major issues," Idea Fabrik says, which is why it tells players not to expect the 16.0.0 patch any time soon.

New reviews on Steam are pretty mixed, by the by -- most of the negative reviews are for the politics rather than for the game or from folks confused about what's going on, which makes them a bit useless for folks just wanting to know how it plays now. As to that: Massively OP's MJ hopped into the newly revived game over the weekend to see how far we have yet to go:



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Pedge Jameson

Regrets....I've had a few...
regrets....I've had a few...

Idol Hands

I know that there are many people that want to know the truth of what happened (myself included). Doesn't seem fair to me to speculate either way. Pretty sure there were pretty tight NDA orders and agreements between both parties.
With that, I find this post extremely hopeful. They (the current TR team) have identified some areas of improvement and are acting on that in the hopes it will increase game stability. Any programmer, coder, application analyst, application engineer, Hell most game players fully understand that there are many ways to accomplish the same thing. Some ways are more efficient than others. Doesn't mean either is particularly wrong and certainly doesn't mean anyone is being thrown under the proverbial bus.

I'm not bashing either engine. Sure UE4 looks great for FPS and survival games and to be fair, this was developed by a MORE experienced A&BT but it is not geared towards MMORPG development. More than 60 active clients to an area and you begin to get a feel for this. HE engine is geared towards having more active clients in an area and as such the graphics play a huge role in performance. Normals need to be utilized appropriately (as well as height maps and so on). Again, to be fair, this was incepeted and developed by a LESS experienced A&BT team so there's bound to be some inefficiencies.

All in all. I did back the game, not the company. I believed in the vision of the game and in what Josh and J.C. were trying to do. They laid the foundation and now IF is picking it up and running with it. I've seen A&BT (specifically Josh) jump into the forums now and again to say hi or to help alleviate much of the hate that is being spewed around. I think it is in their best interest(both emotionally and I'd assume financially) to see their brain child succeed and to enjoy that success for an extended period of time.

Playing the game currently and it has brought back a host of emotion. It's great to see the majority of the community picking up right where they left off, by helping people and getting on with life in Rhyldan.


I dunno. Something smells funny.
I really like(d) this game and I DO hope it succeeds.
But I have flags all over the field on this one.


So...IF guys are throwing shade on Repop devs for shoddy coding.

I feel like this is like the homeless drunk guy telling the drunk frat kid to sober up. I mean, sure, he's not wrong...but he's also probably not the best person to be trying to take some kind of high ground : P

Nick Martin

I don't have any stake in this outside of an observer that's fascinated by looking at the process (not a backer at any stage, only really follow the happenings of the game here)... but I don't read it as throwing shade for shoddy coding; as a developer myself, that has a particular set of euphemisms around things like "introduced a lot of tech debt" or "made some choices that were not great in retrospect." Not that I've ever used those terms myself (I use those terms all the time).

This sounds a whole lot more like trying to explain the process without going into the frustration of the entire thing. A complex system like this has a lot of interconnected parts that would not always be transferable (user information, billing, or other protected information), or clusters that require a particular setup all add time and cost.

These things were all likely "known" to the development team working on it last year, and probably was communicated when they were transitioning, but there's always a time investment to get the knowledge and understanding of a code base, and it seems that's what they're going through now.


I cant play for too long in one session - my eyes start hurting.


i mean they got this feedback from their various game dev partners prior to fucking them all over in 2015 and promised to fix these issues with the engine which the various game projects in the program had been communicating to customers they were waiting on from IF at the time essentially.

so what has IF been doing with HE the past year exactly?


a lot of information that is being replicated which doesn't need to be

That highly suggests, honestly, that this is an issue with the initial coding being the issue. "Doesn't need to be" is a barb that the previous coders screwed up. J.C. and Josh knew this.

Oyjord Hansen

I'm shocked at how much I actually enjoy this game. It's chock-full of content, even at such an early stage.

I just wish it looked better and the animations were smoother. I just don't seem them attracting a large enough audience with 10+ year old graphics.


funnily enough anyone that has spent 10 minutes in fragmented knows the graphics quality is all down to the engine. with the exact same assets in UE4 things loook muuuuuuuuuuuuuch nicer. and runs better even with the minimal development a&b had done on fragmented when they first put it out there for repop customers.

i mean it wasn't very interesting gameplay wise but those parts of it was an incredible face lift.


And people who care about gameplay over graphics seem pretty happy.


you had a radically different position on the gameplay the last time you played and voiced an opinion on the current game state of repop.