Dark and Light soldiers on past delays with new game previews

In the brief time since its Chinese branch announced another delay, Snail Games has put out a pair of previews for its upcoming reboot of Dark and Light.

“Many of Dark and Light’s creatures exhibit the features of their environment, both in appearance and ability,” says the studio on Facebook in showing off what look to be some nasty spiked sabercats. “You’ll need to prepare proper elemental defenses against them if you go exploring in any extreme climate zones. Because they’re already acclimated to their environment, taming such creatures will give you an invaluable companion when exploring these regions.”

The second piece is an ultra-brief gif of players racing into battle on horseback.

A week ago, the game’s Chinese website apologized to players for “again” making the decision to extend development, thereby delaying beta until summer. It was originally intended to launch in the fall of last year, as we chronicled last week.

Raiding an enemy base on the back of a fire-breathing dragon may be exciting, but it can also cause a lot of collateral…

Posted by Dark and Light on Monday, March 20, 2017

Many of Dark and Light's creatures exhibit the features of their environment, both in appearance and ability. You'll…

Posted by Dark and Light on Thursday, March 23, 2017

Source: Facebook
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6 Comments on "Dark and Light soldiers on past delays with new game previews"

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Nathaniel Downes
Nathaniel Downes

Do it right, we can wait.

Emperor Caligula

Err is that the same game that was a huge mega fail like 10 years ago?

Blood Ravens Gaming

This re-birth of the title is a “Survival Sandbox MMO”. It looks pretty and from the game play I can find plays very nice, but if you do not like that type of MMO it won’t be for you. Think ARK in terms of game play.


No, but I suspect it’ll have the same fate as the original.

John Kiser

It’s a game based in the same universe and stuff but it is not the same game.

Kickstarter Donor

Slick looking embedded FB posts,you got there.

And taming lava tigers to ride around a volcano zone? Alright, Dark and Light, you finally have my attention.