Cooking and zone progression come to Worlds Adrift

This week, Worlds Adrift is better looking, better feeling, and better tasting, thanks to the game’s new 6.0 update.

The better looks come courtesy from the addition of global illumination and improved vantage points to see across the floating islands. And there should be a better feel to the MMO’s progression, as the team has s07eparated the world into biomes that are encountered in a linear fashion. But what about the better taste? That’s in reference to Worlds Adrift’s brand-new cooking system, which will be necessary if players want to regenerate their health.

Other 6.0 changes include the addition of sandstorms, a reworking of the introduction, a revamp of the knowledge tree, decay for abandoned objects, and the ability to harvest meat from corpses to eat or perhaps fling at your companions in a playful manner.

Source: Patch notes
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flamethekid .

The game has a while to thats why most of the forums voted that they should delay the games release from Q1 2017(first time i ever heard that before)

but this new update is pretty kool tbh
I remember i found 4 people on an island then all of sudden lightning was blasting the island the whole thing was shaking like the whole island was falling scared the hell out of me silly

and they made the wind a bit more rough I remember in the last Alpha sailing wasn’t that hard and I could easily leave it on auto pilot no matter where I was with just 2 sails up.

But now its hard especially with 2 sails up I remember my ship nearly got tossed up into a massive wind wall (before island lag broke my game island lag is part of the reason I agree the game should be delayed) It was fun tho trying to traverse the rough winds


The initial game experience needs quite a bit of work still, in my opinion. Just putting your first small ship together is mostly just a frustrating experience. I actually died while crafting, more than once, because the parts you manufacture just appear in midair and then fall. Sometimes on top of you.

I’ll be watching from the sidelines until I see if they get that sorted out.


Agree, very rough and frustrating around the edges and in basic gameplay features. I’m concerned if they can iron out such massive playability-kinks at all.


My few brief periods of trying out earlier versions of the game have left the impression that, while I could find it entertaining, it has a grind-y feeling to it that I’ll have limited patience with, so I’m going to wait until we’re past the “no more wipes” point before really diving into it.