Marvel Heroes gives players a pep talk over the console announcement

Still feeling all tingly over the recent Marvel Heroes console announcement? It seems like a good fit for the action MMO, even if the console version won’t be as full-fledged (at least hero-wise) as the PC.

Gazillion CEO David Von Dorman — once voted “Most Likely to Become a Supervillain Based on Last Name Alone” — emerged from his techno-fortress to give the community a pep talk today, saying that Marvel Heroes Omega is in a “great place” and that details about the upcoming console releases will be forthcoming.

Von Dorman also threw a bone to the PC master race: “The latest build of Marvel Heroes Omega is in a great place — I can’t wait for you to play it and see for yourselves. While we’re excited to introduce Earth’s mightiest action-RPG to consoles, don’t think for a minute that we’ve forgotten about our PC players who have supported us from the very first day Marvel Heroes launched. Like many great cross-platform free-to-play games, PC support will continue.”

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The proof is in the pudding. So far, 2017 has not been kind to Marvel Heroes on the PC; poorly baked heroes, a still-unfinished “BUE” that many long-time players disagreed vehemently with, and now the move to consoles (which was predicted many months ago and remains pretty obviously a motivation behind many of the BUE changes, regardless of Gazillion’s denials).

Bryan H

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Jeremiah Wagner

It stinks because i still cant find a reason to continue to play a hero once that hero hits max level so the only thing to do is start playing another hero. This is by far the biggest down fall of MH , followed by a horrible crafting / loot system where it takes about 90 secounds to fill my inventory. If there was at least some kinda greater rift system in place for max level that would be a game changer. Or all the terminals have a max level 3 man version were you cant respawn while on combat. You know some reason to push you to have the best gear / skill setup for each hero at max level. As it is right now the vast majority of players hit max on a couple favorites get bored and quit. Reworking a lot of the skills was NOT worth the time and resources that were devoted to it.

Oyjord Hansen

I won’t play MH until they fix the horrible inventory system. I easily spend 75-80% of my time in game dicking around with my inventory.


“The latest build of Marvel Heroes Omega is in a great place — I can’t wait for you to play it and see for yourselves.”

PC is my primary gaming machine even though I have a PS4 and Switch. I might try the PS4 version but no long term for MH since all my money was spent on PC side where I own a full roster :-/