Gigantic discusses impact changes for respawns, summons, and Guardians

This is the end… of the week. But for Gigantic, it really is the end… of smaller patches during open beta. While there still isn’t a firm release date announced, the team is doubling down on development while working on more overarching issues like refining the game’s mechanics slightly. Not simplifying them, exactly; just making them a bit easier to get into at a glance.

For example, one of the mechanics being worked on are respawn timers, to ensure that players aren’t constantly yelling at the one teammate who goes charging into danger every time. Summons are also being addressed as something that should always be a benefit for your team rather than a drawback when someone summons the wrong thing, and Guardians should feel like they make a bigger splash on the battlefield. It’s a series of iterative improvements, which should help the game remain more interesting to play right up until the end… of the match.

In other Gigantic news, the team has released a new dev blog series diving into the playable toons — first up is Beckett:

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It’s really hard to see this game not getting axed by Microsoft.

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It is PWE, not MS who is publishing it … The part where MS comes in is that they paid PWE to make to open beta Xbone & win 10 exclusive (but will undoubtedly hit other OS / systems after that).

But I do respect the sentiment: if it was a MS published title, it would already be DOA.

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Yeah, I’m pretty sure Microsoft just pretends they want to publish games with the express purpose of canceling them.


I’m still bitter about Fable Legends being canceled, and the entire Fable IP being killed. -.-